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2006-02-11 fredbTextures needed for european airports
2003-11-30 davidAdd an apron texture for asphalt.
2003-09-12 ehofmanEnhancements and fixes
2003-09-05 curtInitial revision.
2003-09-05 ehofmanAdd real displacement textures
2003-09-05 curtAdded some preliminary displaced threshold textures...
2003-04-18 ehofmanRemove some artifacts
2002-11-04 curtFixed pa_6c.rgb which had 3 extra pixels in the X direc...
2002-11-03 j4strngsImproved airport textures via Erik Hofman
2001-09-03 curtInitial revision.
2001-06-22 curtAdded taxiway textures.
2000-12-22 j4strngsAdded hi resolution textures