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[fg:toms-fgdata.git] / Sounds /
2007-03-22 sydadamsAmplified feeble turboprop sound.
2007-02-24 mfranza more modern, electronic overspeed and alarm sound
2007-01-16 mfranzDave PERRY: generic click sound
2006-04-26 ehofmanAdd some noise.
2006-03-04 fredbJean-Yves Lefort :
2006-01-30 ehofmanAdd an 8kHz resampled wind sound. Sometimes this one...
2006-01-26 ehofmanAdd a sound for a two-bladed rotorcraft.
2006-01-25 ehofmanAdd the turbine fan sound of a turbojet engine like...
2004-05-14 ehofmanAdd some audio files for the bo-105 that could be potan...
2004-04-11 ehofmanAdd a (turbo)prop(eller) sound
2003-11-19 ehofmanBetter audio support for helicopters
2003-11-04 ehofmanGPL'ed helicopter sounds from SearchAndRescue
2003-06-03 jimwFan wav
2002-05-26 jimwAdded some whine to go with the roar
2002-05-09 curtErik Hofman:
2002-03-10 davidSound patch from Erik Hofman:
2002-03-02 davidInitial support for jet sounds, from Erik Hofman.
2001-12-07 curtUpdated sound from, letter of...
2001-12-06 curtTire touch down squeal sound. This is taken from TORCS...
2001-12-02 j4strngsVolume adjust
2001-11-30 curtTweaks by Erik Hofman to reduce repeating patters that...
2001-11-28 j4strngsconvert samples to 8Khz
2001-11-28 j4strngsresampled at 8Khz for 1:1 playback
2001-11-28 j4strngsnew stallhorn from scratch
2001-11-27 j4strngsstall horn
2001-11-27 curtErik's wind sound. So far this is the best one I've...
2001-11-14 j4strngsNew from Erik Hofman
2001-11-13 j4strngsstereo to mono
2001-11-13 j4strngsconvert to 8 bit mono
2001-11-13 j4strngschanged to 8 bit
2001-11-13 j4strngsfixed sample conversion boo boo
2001-11-10 j4strngsoptimise size
2001-11-09 j4strngsgear related sounds
2001-11-09 j4strngsAlex flaps
2001-11-09 j4strngstire noise
2001-11-07 j4strngsarggh
2001-11-07 j4strngsbasic wav files courtesy
2001-11-06 j4strngsflaps sound
2001-11-06 j4strngsflaps sound
2001-11-06 j4strngsOopsie, a little copyright problem. Sorry
2001-11-06 j4strngsSound efx
2001-09-27 j4strngsCranking engine sound
2000-10-22 j4strngsInitial revision