Add one chunk of airport signs.
[fg:toms-fgdata.git] / Scenery / Terrain / w130n30 / w122n37 / 958416.stg
2008-03-03 martinAdd one chunk of airport signs.
2008-03-03 martinReflect ongoing development of Scenery generation tools...
2008-02-13 mfranzadopt new arrow glyph names and * as raised dot
2008-01-20 mfranzrestore KRHV taxiway demo site
2007-12-13 martinRalf Gerlich / Martin Spott / Custom Scenery Project...
2006-04-22 mfranzadd two runway pointers
2006-04-16 mfranzadd taxiway signs to KRHV (for demonstrational purposes...
2004-12-19 ehofmanSync. w. latest scenery build.
2004-07-15 ehofmanUpdate the scenery to 0.9.5
2004-06-06 ehofmanMove the scenery terrain into its own directory structure.