Scenery 1.0.1 Base Package 'preview'
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2008-10-11 martinScenery 1.0.1 Base Package 'preview'
2008-06-01 stuartAdd T-hangars, hangars, FBO and tower for Hayward Execu...
2008-05-10 jonsUse correct model for KSFO VOR
2008-05-03 stuartAdd additional FBO and T-hangars to Reid-Hillview ...
2008-04-30 stuartAdd T-hangar model, and placement at Reid-Hillview...
2008-04-23 mfranzAnders GIDENSTAM: open Moffett (KNUQ) hangar doors...
2008-03-28 jonsUpdate base scenery for new VOR path
2008-03-26 jonsUpdate base scenery for new radio mast path
2008-03-10 martinGroup immovable aircraft, those who are meant to be...
2008-03-03 martinReflect ongoing development of Scenery generation tools...
2008-02-19 jonsFix a shared model path
2008-02-18 jonsShared models update - stage 2. Update base scenery...
2008-02-18 jonsShared models update - stage 2. Update base scenery...
2007-12-16 martinRemove 'water-cooled' WaterWorks.
2007-12-16 durkA few last-minute scenery corrections:
2007-12-13 martinRemove unwanted Scenery Objects:
2007-12-13 martinRalf Gerlich / Martin Spott / Custom Scenery Project...
2007-10-05 sydadamsremoved oil platform from scenery
2007-10-04 martinUse Paul's new VOR/DME model in the base package.
2007-09-25 sydadamsOil platform for helicopter practice
2007-09-19 martinStuart Buchanan:
2007-09-06 martinRon Jensen:
2006-10-14 frohlichModified Files:
2005-02-20 ehofmanFix a mistake
2004-12-19 ehofmanFrederic Bouvcier:
2004-11-16 ehofmanStrip DOS line endings.
2004-11-16 ehofmanFrederic: These buildings are the Oracle headquarter...
2004-11-13 ehofmanFrederic Bouvier:
2004-11-07 ehofmanFrederic Bouvier:
2004-10-10 ehofmanSmooth some more static scenery objects."
2004-08-03 curtFrederic Bouvier:
2004-06-06 ehofmanMove the scenery objects into their own directory sructure.