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2007-07-11 martinHolger Wirtz:
2007-06-18 martinHolger Wirtz:
2007-06-15 martinHolger Wirtz:
2007-03-30 martinHolger Wirtz:
2007-02-20 martinFix typo.
2007-02-16 martinHolger Wirtz:
2006-04-29 ehofmanAdd support for a binary output mode.
2005-10-10 ehofmanPrevent an XML problem where '--' is used inside an...
2005-10-10 ehofmanStuart Buchanan:
2004-10-20 ehofmanLatteral and longitudal accelerations (in G's) don...
2004-10-20 ehofmanDirectly updating the right properties doesn't work...
2004-10-16 ehofmanAdd a protocol for the ACMS protocol which seems to...
2004-10-15 ehofmanFix some bugs
2004-10-15 ehofmanFix a bunch of typo's
2004-10-15 ehofmanAdd a generic playback protocol, in preparation for...
2004-10-15 ehofmanRemove DOS line endings.
2003-06-22 ehofmanIt's typo time
2003-05-03 ehofmanFix a bunch of typos
2003-05-03 ehofmanUpdates to the generic protocol
2003-03-26 ehofmanUse real properties rather than imaginary
2003-03-25 ehofmanAdd generic output option