Add a variant of the tanker request function that produces a tanker with
[fg:toms-fgdata.git] / Nasal / tanker.nas
2011-01-13 Curtis L. OlsonAdd a variant of the tanker request function that produ...
2009-05-04 abory- Oooops, sorry for that.
2009-05-04 abory- Gijs de Rooy: Generic pushback.
2009-03-30 mfranztanker: avoid cloud layers; drop identity.init
2009-03-29 mfranzmake file reloadable at runtime; minor fixes; cleanup
2009-03-25 mfranzadd callsign to warning message, cleanup
2009-03-25 mfranzfly refueling pattern (leg length 50 nm)
2009-03-20 mfranzfix removal of data entries if channel is used elsewhere
2009-03-19 mfranz- vary callsign and tacan channel; use free AI id
2009-03-18 mfranz... but without debug message. :-)
2009-03-18 mfranz- use new aircraft.nas functions: kias_to_ktas(), wind_...
2009-03-17 mfranzmake tanker appear on the radar
2009-03-15 mfranz- make sure /systems/refuel/ exists
2009-03-15 mfranz- put tanker nearer
2009-03-15 mfranzallow aar-equipped aircraft to request a tanker everywh...