remove README.Protocol and add a README that refers to the "real"
[fg:toms-fgdata.git] / Nasal / geo.nas
2007-06-23 mfranzuse geodinfo() function to retrieve the terrain elevati...
2007-06-22 mfranzpointless spelling fixes
2007-06-18 mfranzalways the same module dependency problems ... sigh
2007-06-18 mfranz- fix Coord.latlon() method (output degree instead...
2007-06-18 mfranz- import asin/acos/mod from the new math.nas
2007-06-18 mfranzswap lon & lat everywhere. lat/lon is illogical, but...
2007-06-16 mfranzMaik JUSTUS: use geodtocart() and carttogeod() function...
2007-05-31 mfranzdocument geo.put_model()
2007-05-15 mfranzwhoops ... no comment
2007-05-12 mfranzgeo.nas:
2007-05-05 mfranzmake "terrain-elevation" wrapper more efficient
2007-05-03 mfranzadd "terrain-elevation" utility function
2007-03-20 mfranzcode from ufo.nas (used by ufo.nas and tutorial.nas)