Add an <input> section to this file so that a saved "truth" file can be
[fg:toms-fgdata.git] / Models /
2009-09-11 jonsAdd model from scenery repository
2009-09-09 vmmeazzaAdd multiple ore wagons
2009-08-31 vmmeazzaAdd steam train
2009-08-31 vmmeazzaAdd steam train
2009-08-10 vmmeazzaexperimental stuff
2009-08-10 vmmeazzaMore experimental stuff
2009-08-05 jonsSync with scenery db
2009-08-03 vmmeazzaAdd wagon - ore - Type MHA
2009-08-02 vmmeazzaAdd Class 66 diesel locomotive
2009-07-30 vmmeazzaFix bug
2009-07-30 vmmeazzaTidy up some more - remove hidden surfaces
2009-07-30 vmmeazzaTidy up - flip surfaces, remove vertices
2009-07-29 vmmeazzaAdd simple train
2009-07-24 jonsSync with scenery db
2009-07-21 jonsSync with scenery db
2009-07-19 jonsSync with scenery db
2009-07-17 vmmeazzaAdjust height
2009-07-17 vmmeazzaAdd texture
2009-07-15 vmmeazzaAdd runway arrester gear type BAK-12. Based on Dave...
2009-06-22 frohlichMove carrier wire and catapult configuration into the...
2009-06-19 vmmeazzaTidy up
2009-06-18 vmmeazzaModified function of wave-off lights
2009-05-17 abory- Fixes wrong texture path.
2009-05-07 torstenand the roll-compensation should have been in, too.
2009-05-07 torstenAdded some live to the truck
2009-05-07 torstenseparated some objects for better animations
2009-05-06 torstenrotation tweaks
2009-05-06 torsten- another pushback
2009-05-06 torstencompensate gear compression
2009-05-06 torsten- hide pushback when airborne (wow=false)
2009-05-06 torstenremoved duplicate <path> entry
2009-05-04 vmmeazzaMore eye candy
2009-05-04 vmmeazzaMore eye candy
2009-05-04 abory- Gijs de Rooy: Generic pushback.
2009-04-16 vmmeazzaMore eye-candy animation
2009-04-16 vmmeazzaMore eye-candy
2009-04-10 vmmeazzaAlexis Bory has added some wonderful detail to the...
2009-03-19 frohlichSet the ambient color equal to the rgb color.
2009-03-19 frohlichSet the ambient color equal to the rgb color.
2009-03-14 mfranzexclude boom/drogue from collision detection
2009-03-14 frohlichThe lights should not contribute to the intersection...
2009-03-08 jonsGeneric lighting - for anti-collision, helipads, etc.
2009-02-03 mfranzmove from $FG_ROOT/Models/Effects/Wildfire/ to $FG_ROOT...
2009-01-23 vmmeazzaAdjust textures, and lighting
2009-01-23 vmmeazzaAdjust textures, and lighting
2009-01-18 vmmeazzaAdd flightdeck floodlighting/modify lighting controls
2009-01-18 vmmeazzaAdd flightdeck floodlighting/modify lighting controls
2009-01-18 mfranzAnders GIDENSTAM: wildfire (read $FG_ROOT/Models/Effec...
2009-01-08 martinDrop subdirectory.
2009-01-07 martinRemove duplicate
2009-01-02 vmmeazzaWrapper for non-tracer round
2008-12-22 martinSync from Scenery Model Directory
2008-12-13 martinRemove more duplicate/replaced/obsolete files causing...
2008-12-12 gerardremove duplicates files, redondent with Clem
2008-12-09 martinI'm sorry for this confusion: We'll have to keep these...
2008-12-07 martin'fgfsdb' is obsolete, all files are now available from...
2008-12-07 martinFix references to antiquated 'Models/fgfsdb/' directory.
2008-12-07 martinMove into proper section.
2008-12-07 martinRemove more duplicate/replaced/obsolete files.
2008-12-06 martinSync CVS Base Package shared models with the Scenery...
2008-12-06 martinRemove files which have been rendered obsolete and...
2008-12-05 martinBinary (texture) files of Shared Models update.
2008-11-27 vmmeazzaBugfix - correct textures
2008-11-21 gerardCosmetics and fresh painting on the deck
2008-11-16 gerardClemenceau add lost "C" was "F" instead
2008-11-16 gerardand better with condition on ship name , yes we can
2008-11-16 gerardAdding trigger of JBD according to the catapult number
2008-11-05 vmmeazzaImproved horse by Stewart
2008-11-05 gerard*** empty log message ***
2008-11-05 gerardOthers improvements, crane , mules .....
2008-11-03 gerardTemporary, remove wakes with OSG (was cpu eater with...
2008-11-03 gerardTextures and details improvement, others will be coming
2008-11-02 helijah- fixed <global> bugs + Night texture
2008-11-01 gerardAdding the famous Clock
2008-11-01 gerardWakes cosmetic
2008-10-31 gerard*** empty log message ***
2008-10-31 gerardwakes update
2008-10-31 gerardremove file which is not useful
2008-10-30 curtmake ski jump "driveable".
2008-10-23 vmmeazzaCorrect scale, add cow grazing
2008-10-23 vmmeazzaAdd sheep
2008-10-21 vmmeazzaRestore part of the cow's anatomy
2008-10-21 vmmeazzaCorrect scale
2008-10-20 vmmeazzaAdjust texture
2008-10-20 vmmeazzaAdd an elephant
2008-10-18 gerardfiles reorganization of the French Carrier, and minor...
2008-10-18 gerardnew files organization with French Carrier and minor...
2008-10-16 vmmeazzaFix texture
2008-10-16 vmmeazzaRemove rgb textures
2008-10-16 vmmeazzaChange lighting status
2008-10-16 vmmeazzaBugfix
2008-10-16 vmmeazzaConvert to png textures
2008-10-15 vmmeazzaAdd generic catapult steam. For use with the <overlay...
2008-10-15 vmmeazzaConvert to png textures
2008-10-13 vmmeazzaAdd catapult steam effects
2008-10-12 jonsUpdate airport light model
2008-10-10 mfranz- use <multiplay> block to set probe/boom refuel type;
2008-10-09 vmmeazzaAdd a smoke trail to tracer. This is by way of a demo...
2008-10-07 gerardflols models pointed to Foch folder must be Clemenceau
2008-10-05 vmmeazzaRemove stick