Cancel specular highlights due to sun at night
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2012-07-12 Frederic BouvierCancel specular highlights due to sun at night
2009-04-11 ehofmandelay darkening the skydome a bit
2009-04-05 ehofmannew ambient table, all values miltuplied by 2.5
2003-09-09 ehofmanScale to default OpenGL lighting values
2003-08-29 ehofmanUpdate ambient lighting to reflect the code changes
2003-08-29 curtThe latest volley in the FlightGear lighting wars.
2003-08-27 ehofmanRevert to previous values. If this hurts cockpit sight...
2003-04-24 jimwAdjusted global ambient light values to improve light...
2002-09-10 curtOops, fixed a typo.
2002-09-07 curtFix a minor typo.
2002-07-21 curtAdded a specular lighting table (for starters this...
2002-03-11 curtAdjust ambient and diffuse lighting tables.
2001-03-29 curtLeave a wee bit of little light at night.
2000-10-22 j4strngsInitial revision