remove README.Protocol and add a README that refers to the "real"
[fg:toms-fgdata.git] / Huds / f16.xml
2006-07-24 mfranzfix label y coordinates
2006-07-24 mfranz- finally center lon/lat correctly (I did it wrongly...
2006-07-12 mfranzheh, no. That's BS. printf does rounding already. Remai...
2006-07-12 mfranzover-engineering (or: rounding, just because we can :-)
2006-07-10 mfranz- new damping value
2006-07-06 mfranzadjust for fixed tape ticks (I hereby declare the new...
2006-07-06 mfranzf15: fix KIAS tape position
2006-07-04 mfranzsample code for the f16. Use like so: