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[fg:toms-fgdata.git] / Aircraft / seahawk / Models / seahawk-3d-model.xml
2011-12-10 Vivian MeazzaUse latest effects
2010-08-17 Merge branch 'master' of git://
2010-06-18 Stuart BuchananMerge branch 'master' of
2010-06-03 BARANGER EmmanuelMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-06-02 Vivian MeazzaMerge branch 'master' of D:\New Git\fgdata
2010-06-02 Vivian MeazzaAdd reflection Effects/seahawkreflect.eff
2010-02-03 vmmeazzaChange panel dimmer control and other maintenance
2009-01-26 vmmeazzaShow pilot in all external views
2009-01-18 vmmeazzaNosewheel caster over mp, workaround for a bug in contr...
2009-01-16 vmmeazzaTyre-smoke etc over mp and other fixes
2008-12-21 vmmeazzaRemove stray character
2008-11-27 vmmeazzaRain effect on windscreen and canopy. Use the rain...
2008-10-21 vmmeazzaMaintenance: fully triangulate model, convert textures...
2008-10-08 vmmeazzaAdd rain spray
2008-10-05 vmmeazzaAdd generic tyre smoke
2008-03-15 vmmeazzaRemove tanks from the non-tank version
2007-12-12 vmmeazzaTidy up, add hack to control Nav Lights over mp
2007-12-09 vmmeazzaAdd - <nopreview/> for fgrun, and remove some unwanted...
2007-12-09 vmmeazzaRemove noshadow.objects
2007-08-27 vmmeazzaModify select animations used for ordering objects
2007-08-27 vmmeazzaModify select animations used for ordering objects
2007-08-27 vmmeazzaRemove select animations used for ordering objects
2007-08-26 vmmeazzaUpdate Seahawk with more accurate FGA6 details, add...
2007-06-08 vmmeazzaUpdate to use the AIModels collision code
2006-11-27 vmmeazzaRemove surfaces with less than 3 vertices
2006-03-16 vmmeazzaSome tidying up, removal of redundant code
2006-02-22 mfranz"A general tidy up. Add some eye candy: cannon, exhaust...
2004-03-26 ehofmanRemove DOS line endings
2004-03-24 ehofmanUpdated seahawk with 3d cockpit by Vivian Meazza