-adding Status Rating, small update of ReadMe and remove unneeded file
[fg:toms-fgdata.git] / Aircraft / ec135 / ec135-set.xml
2012-07-15 Heiko Schulz-adding Status Rating, small update of ReadMe and remov...
2009-09-10 martinHeiko Schulz:
2009-08-28 martin-dedication to heliflyer
2009-05-30 martinHeiko Schulz:
2009-02-18 martinRemove DOS line endings.
2009-02-18 martinHeiko Schulz:
2008-12-01 martinHeiko Schulz:
2008-08-15 mfranzremove XML garbage
2007-09-30 mfranzuse new generic livery selection code (OK'ed by Heiko)
2007-06-03 mfranzHeiko SCHULZ: EC135 v0.2
2006-12-04 mfranzfix ground speed drift indicator (GSDI)
2006-12-04 mfranzHeiko SCHULZ: first version of an ec135 (alpha state)