JSBSim change:
[fg:toms-fgdata.git] / Aircraft / c172 / c172.xml
2002-04-08 davidJSBSim change:
2002-03-01 tonyFixed a boo-boo. Thanks, Jon.
2002-02-28 curtLatest changes to support assymetric aileron motion.
2002-02-22 j4strngsJSBSim fix for drag due to elevator from Tony Peden
2002-02-06 davidLatest JSBSim changes from Tony Peden.
2002-02-06 davidLatest JSBSim changes -- remove default logging.
2002-02-03 davidUpdated and improved JSBSim C172 flight model from...
2002-01-19 davidGive C172 and C182 each two fuel tanks rather than...
2002-01-05 davidModified to use prop_75in2f.
2001-12-26 davidReduced drag and switched to different propeller model.
2001-12-24 davidLatest JSBSim update.
2001-12-21 davidChanged to use prop_75in2f, on apparent agreement from...
2001-12-19 davidLatest versions from JSBSim.
2001-12-17 davidMinor JSBSim update (comments only).
2001-12-17 davidLatest JSBSim changes, mostly to support yaw and roll...
2001-12-15 davidLatest JSBSim changes -- p-factor increased.
2001-12-14 davidLatest JSBSim changes.
2001-12-13 davidLatest JSBSim changes.
2001-12-07 curtSync with JSBSim and update aircraft -> aero in the...
2001-12-03 curtUpdates to sync with Latest JSBSim (retractable gear...
2001-12-01 j4strngssync version numbers with JSBSim
2001-11-24 curtSyncing with latest JSBSim cvs.
2001-11-21 curtSynced with most recent config file (fixes engine position)
2001-11-20 curtLatest config files from JSBSim cvs.
2001-11-12 curtSync with latest JSBSim CVS.
2001-11-09 j4strngsThis reverts the pitch stability change.
2001-11-09 curtLatest JSBSim sync.
2001-11-06 curtLatest c172 tweaks from Tony.
2001-11-04 j4strngsPlaced prop at -5 deg to body centerline (gives nose...
2001-10-30 j4strngsmore changes from Tony
2001-10-30 j4strngsUpdates from Tony P
2001-10-30 curtLatest updates from the JSBSim project.
2001-10-29 curtUpdate to latest JSBSim CVS.
2001-10-05 curtUpdated the prop chosed for this model.
2001-10-05 curtSynced with latest JSBSim.
2001-08-28 j4strngsTony sez: sideslips should be easier now
2001-07-23 curtUpdated.
2001-07-23 curt- added Tony's newest C172 model, supporting ground...
2001-06-05 curtSynced with JSBSim as of June 5, 2001
2001-04-17 curtSync with the latest JSBSim cvs.
2001-04-06 curtSync with JSBSim.
2001-04-06 curtRemoved old deprecated reset00 files, updated JSBsim...
2001-04-02 curtUpdated JSBSim files.
2001-03-30 curtUpdates from the latest JSBSim.
2001-01-31 j4strngsErrmm... mumble crosswind
2000-11-16 j4strngsUpdated FDM file
2000-11-16 j4strngsFixed my screw-up (bitten by name clash)
2000-11-16 j4strngsRenamed for clarity
2000-11-14 curtUpdates from JSBSim.
2000-11-08 j4strngsUpdate for Tony Peden
2000-11-03 curtNew files.
2000-10-28 j4strngsRemoved bogus files
2000-10-22 j4strngsInitial revision