777:Fix unstability of VS comand 0ft/m
[fg:toms-fgdata.git] / ATC / default.tower
2008-09-23 helijah- new entry in default approach, atis, ground and tower...
2004-03-05 daveluffMore US tower name fixes
2004-03-04 daveluffFixed the names of airports in the base package, plus...
2004-03-04 daveluffRemoved 'International', 'Municipal', 'Regional', ...
2004-03-04 daveluffFix the Aussie tower names
2003-03-11 dluffTower frequency data generated from the DAFIF
2002-12-16 dluffAdded San-Francisco for development convienience
2002-04-03 j4strngs*** empty log message ***
2002-03-21 j4strngsFrom Dave Luff