Add an <input> section to this file so that a saved "truth" file can be
[fg:toms-fgdata.git] / AI /
2009-09-13 vmmeazzaChanges to tunnel entrance
2009-09-11 jonsTweak tunnel test flightplan
2009-09-11 vmmeazzaUpdated
2009-09-11 vmmeazzaAdd flightplan for testing tunnel
2009-09-09 vmmeazzaChange some parameters for a lower frame rate
2009-08-31 vmmeazzaAdd steam train
2009-08-25 vmmeazzaRemove redundant waypoints
2009-08-25 vmmeazzaAdd bus plan
2009-08-25 vmmeazzaAdd bus, adjust settings, remove 8 carriage train,...
2009-08-22 vmmeazzaAdd articulated train
2009-08-13 vmmeazzaMore parameters
2009-08-12 vmmeazzaAdd WAIT tokens
2009-08-12 vmmeazzaChange parameters
2009-08-11 vmmeazzaexperimental stuff railway flightplan
2009-08-11 vmmeazzaexperimental stuff
2009-08-10 vmmeazzaMore experimental stuff
2009-08-09 vmmeazzaMore experimental stuff
2009-08-05 vmmeazzaSome repairs
2009-08-05 vmmeazzaAdd return run
2009-08-04 vmmeazzaAdd data for experimental demo for railway
2009-08-04 vmmeazzaAdd experimental demo for railway
2009-05-05 durk - Fix typo.
2009-05-05 durk- Incrementally add a little traffic to the world
2009-05-05 durk747's now make use of the new "heavy_jet" performance...
2009-05-05 durkRemove hard coded performance values for AI aircraft...
2009-05-02 vmmeazzaAdjust location
2009-04-11 vmmeazzaAdd USS Eisenhower (low poly) 60nm east of Norfolk VA
2009-04-10 vmmeazzaStewart - Ambient update
2009-04-10 sydadamsnew airport file from msmith..
2009-04-10 vmmeazzaAlexis Bory has added some wonderful detail to the...
2009-03-19 frohlichRevert the material change on the fokkers.
2009-03-19 frohlichSet the ambient color equal to the rgb color.
2009-03-18 sydadams*** empty log message ***
2009-03-18 sydadamsremoved my AI version
2009-03-18 sydadamsremove my AI version
2009-02-09 mfranzStewart ANDREASON: "Sync with change from RGB to PNG"
2009-02-05 vmmeazzaBug fix
2009-01-18 vmmeazzaNosewheel caster over mp, tidy up some spray over mp...
2009-01-18 vmmeazzaNosewheel caster over mp
2009-01-17 vmmeazzaTyre-smoke etc over mp
2009-01-16 vmmeazzaTyre-smoke etc over mp and other fixes
2009-01-12 vmmeazzaUpdate and new variants
2009-01-12 vmmeazzaUpdate MP version
2009-01-10 vmmeazzaAdjust parameters, and add Hunter droptanks
2008-12-16 mfranzStewart ANDREASON: "Fix path to trails and texture"
2008-12-15 mfranzStewart ANDREASON: "sync with path for new trails in...
2008-12-13 durkThe full AI traffic demo for EHAM. These files are...
2008-12-13 durkThe full AI traffic demo for EHAM. These files are...
2008-12-05 mfranzStewart ANDREASON: "Add low-poly bluebird for multiplayer"
2008-11-24 gerardcosmetic on Foch
2008-11-21 gerardreduce the speed of Foch
2008-11-16 durkA small sample of traffic data to be used with the...
2008-11-15 gerardSince, the Crusader can take off from any Carrier with...
2008-10-27 gerardclem and foch more generic
2008-10-19 durkWhoops. Fix typo.
2008-10-19 durkRepaints of the AI A320: EgyptAir Meridiana, and MyAir.
2008-10-18 gerardfiles reorganization of the French Carrier, and minor...
2008-10-17 durk737 AI repaint in Denmark based Sterling Airlines livery.
2008-10-16 durkAI Embrear Legacy / 140 in Air France livery.
2008-10-09 gerardUpdate Clemenceau with Tacan channel
2008-09-28 martinChristian Schmitt:
2008-09-09 gerardThat AI clemenceau_demo carrier, will be wanted by...
2008-09-09 gerardmodify carrier position, to avoid conflict with the...
2008-09-09 gerardThat AI clemenceau_demo carrier, will be wanted by...
2008-08-26 vmmeazzaAdd wingtip vortices experimental - add port wingtip
2008-08-21 durkSeveral AI aircraft repaints by Brett Harrison (Boeing...
2008-08-21 durkBritish Aerospace Bae146-200, AI version in Lufthansa...
2008-08-21 durkATR42, AI version by Heiko Schultz.
2008-08-21 durkAI version of the A380. Based on original model by...
2008-08-21 durkEdelweiss Air repaint of the AI A320. Repaint by Heiko...
2008-08-21 durkRepaint of the AI MD80: AustrianAirlines.
2008-08-21 durkBombardier Challenger repaint: Malev.
2008-08-21 durkRepaint of the AI Airbus A340-300: VirginAtlantic.
2008-08-21 durkRepaints of the AI Airbus A330-200: KLM and MEA airlines.
2008-08-21 durkRepaints of the AI A320: Vueling, SyrianAir, and ClickAir.
2008-08-21 durkRepaints of the AI 777: Eva Air and KLM.
2008-08-21 durkRepaints of the AI 767: Air Astana, ArkeFly, ELAL,...
2008-08-21 durkRepaints of the AI 737: Pegasus airlines and Hamburg...
2008-08-04 vmmeazzaAdd debugging statement (temp)
2008-07-20 durkMcDonnel Douglas MD90, AI version. Model by Innis Cunni...
2008-07-20 durkMcDonnel Douglas MD80, AI version. Model by Innis Cunni...
2008-07-20 durkRepainted the fokker 100 in BlueLine livery.
2008-07-20 durkRepaint of the AI Fokker 70 in Malev colors.
2008-07-20 durkAI version of the Embraer Legacy. The Embraer legecy...
2008-07-20 durkDeHavilland Dash-7 AI version. The Dash-7 is a slightly...
2008-07-20 durkBombardier Challenger AI-version. The Bombardier Challe...
2008-07-20 durkRepaints of the AI Airbus A330-300.
2008-07-20 durkRepaints of the AI Airbus A320.
2008-07-20 durkSome additional 777 repaints.
2008-07-20 durkSome additional AI 767 repaints.
2008-07-20 durkClearing up the Attic part 1: Some additional 737 repaints.
2008-07-20 durkBrett Harrison: Traffic for KLAX.
2008-07-20 durkBrett Harrison: Three repaints of the AI 737.
2008-07-20 durkBrett Harrison: Ground network and runway usage data...
2008-07-13 durkTwo prototypes for new AI ground network functionality.
2008-07-03 dfaberDetail reduced MP Aircraft, livery select over MP
2008-04-23 aboryAlexis: Moved A-10.xml in the right place.
2008-04-23 aboryOooops, wrong place.
2008-04-23 aboryNew Light weight AI A-10, thanks to Natovr.
2008-04-11 sydadamsupdate to ER version