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2007-07-22 durkInnis Cunningham: Callsigns are now unique.
2007-07-16 mfranzAJ MacLEOD: stripped down Lightning, which loads extern...
2007-07-14 sydadamstesting low res version for MP
2007-06-28 durkHere are the remaining traffic schedules from Innis...
2007-06-28 durkInnis Cunningham: A traffic demo for the San Fransisco...
2007-06-23 durkCheckin of the remaining missing AI 737 Textures.
2007-06-23 durkSome missing 737 livery textures for AI aircraft.
2007-06-12 durkCheck in of remaining AI aircraft repository.
2006-12-28 durkAirbus A33-300. Lufthansa Livery + traffic.
2006-12-28 durkAI version of the A320. Lufthansa livery + traffic
2006-12-28 durkAI 767 Aircraft. Malev Livery + Traffic.
2006-12-28 durkInitial Checkin of AI 747-400. Lufthansa Livery + Traffic
2006-12-28 durkcheckin of AI 737 with three different liveries and...