last changeSun, 8 Mar 2015 23:51:38 +0000 (19:51 -0400)
2015-03-08 Peter Sadrozinskifix most of the missing triangles in linear features master
2015-03-07 Christian SchmittAdd some missing gitignore files
2015-03-07 wlbraggfix Windows early abort in tg_chopper.cxx
2015-03-07 Alessandro... Include GNUInstallDirs to ensure CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR...
2015-03-06 Peter Sadrozinskimore genapt linear feature work
2015-02-26 Peter Sadrozinskifix genapt intersecting linear feature texturing
2015-02-25 Peter Sadrozinskigenapts linear feature with intersection texturing...
2015-02-22 Peter Sadrozinskigenapts: fix runway centerline, and start debugging...
2015-02-19 Martin SpottSyntax change in GRASS GIS.
2015-02-17 Martin SpottSyntax change in GRASS GIS.
2015-02-16 Martin SpottSyntax change in GRASS GIS.
2015-02-16 Peter Sadrozinskiroads over airport checkpoint.
2015-02-09 Peter Sadrozinskiroads over airport debug tools. some roads look good...
2015-02-07 Peter Sadrozinskigenapts850 : fix for transparent pavement type
2015-02-01 Peter Sadrozinski- fix some memory leaks with tgShapefile
2015-01-27 Peter Sadrozinskisome fixes for tg-lod tile matching. still not perfect...
9 years ago newconstr Bring in newconstruct branch
9 years ago genapts Bring in genapts850
6 years ago master
6 years ago scenery/ws2.0
8 years ago release/2.0.0
9 years ago pre_vec3
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