pitot system stalls at high angles, using /system/pitot[x]/stall-deg
[fg:hoorays-flightgear.git] / src / Systems / static.cxx
2012-09-17 ThorstenBPrepare and implement reinit methods for instruments
2011-11-23 adrianMerge branch 'next' into comm-subsystem
2011-11-20 Erik HofmanMerge branch 'next' of git://gitorious.org/fg/flightgea...
2011-11-14 Durk TalsmaMerge branch 'next' of gitorious.org:fg/flightgear...
2011-11-14 Frederic BouvierFix MSVC9 build
2011-10-29 adrianMerge branch 'next' into comm-subsystem
2011-10-17 James TurnerFix (nearly) all the std:: namespace violations in...
2007-03-31 mfranzJohn DENKER:
2006-12-06 mfranzRoy Vegard Ovesen:
2004-11-13 ehofmanRoy Vegard Ovesen:
2004-10-24 ehofmanRoy Vegard Ovesen:
2004-10-16 ehofmanRoy Vegard Ovesen:
2004-04-01 curtClean up various compiler warnings that have crept...
2002-09-27 davidModified to use fgGetLowPass from utils.cxx.
2002-09-27 davidAdded static port system and a new altimeter model...