Update/refactor for simgear HTTP changes.
[fg:hoorays-flightgear.git] / src / Main / metar_main.cxx
2013-10-27 Thomas GeymayerUpdate/refactor for simgear HTTP changes.
2013-09-26 Torsten Dreyermake the metar command line tool case insensitive
2013-08-19 Tom PaolettiPerformance optimization: empty() instead of size()>0
2013-02-07 Christian SchmittSome headers missing... ;)
2012-08-03 Tim MooreMerge branch 'timoore/optimization' into next
2012-07-27 James TurnerEnsure WSAStartup is called for metar.exe
2011-10-29 adrianMerge branch 'next' into comm-subsystem
2011-10-28 Curtis L. OlsonMerge branch 'next' of gitorious.org:fg/flightgear...
2011-10-28 Mathias FroehlichMake use of SGTimeStamp for sleep*
2011-10-21 James TurnerHold an owning ref to the HTTTP request.
2011-10-21 James TurnerBring metar helper into CMake world, and use new HTTP...
2010-08-29 Frederic BouvierMerge branch 'master' of git://gitorious.org/fg/flightg...
2010-08-21 Frederic BouvierMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1551' of git://gitori...
2010-07-28 Vivian MeazzaMerge branch 'work4' into next
2010-07-28 James TurnerMake various implicit includes (via PLIB) explicit.
2008-08-31 fredbStefan C. Müller :
2008-06-02 timooreInclude <iostream> and using declarations as needed.
2006-02-21 mfranznew FSF address
2006-02-19 mfranzdisplay deposit depths < 1mm correctly (although this...
2005-10-25 ehofmanI guess there was something in Alex' patch that wasn...
2005-10-25 ehofmanAlex Romosan:
2005-10-06 ehofmanMartin Spott: Use standardized Sun directive.
2005-01-27 ehofmanCosmetic updates.
2005-01-20 ehofmanMelchior FRANZ:
2004-08-19 ehofmanIRIX users want pretty colors too.
2004-08-17 ehofmanThe next version of the two hourly metar update from...
2004-08-17 ehofmanSome code cleanups, and add a number of command line...
2004-08-15 ehofmanMelchior FRANZ:
2004-02-02 ehofmanMove the new metar class from FlightGear to SimGear