pitot system stalls at high angles, using /system/pitot[x]/stall-deg
[fg:hoorays-flightgear.git] / src / GUI /
2013-10-29 James TurnerReset: GUI can be shutdown.
2013-10-15 James TurnerMap shows all airports when zoomed in.
2013-10-15 James TurnerBug 1217, crash on AI traffic data.
2013-09-14 James TurnerDisplay AI traffic route in map.
2013-06-30 James TurnerBug 550 / 454 work (not yet fully fixed)
2013-06-25 James TurnerBug 947, menu item state wrong after reset.
2013-06-19 James TurnerKill off platformDesktopPath entirely
2013-06-09 James TurnerAbstraction for the user's desktop location.
2013-06-03 Thomas GeymayerSmall cleanup.
2013-04-23 Thomas GeymayerFix crashing without support for GLSL/OpenGL 2.0
2013-03-20 Thomas GeymayerReduce severity of warning for missing gui/dialogs...
2013-03-15 Christian SchmittMapWidget: make partially use of the new colocated...
2013-03-10 James TurnerNew cursor shapes.
2013-03-10 Christian SchmittFix some uninitialized variables (found by valgrind)
2013-03-07 James TurnerDisable native cursor on Windows for now.
2013-03-06 Thomas GeymayerClean up/simplify NasalPositioned_cppbind
2013-03-06 James TurnerWindows cursor implementation.
2013-03-06 Thomas GeymayerTypos, license headers...
2013-03-05 James TurnerWindows cursor handling stubs.
2013-03-05 James TurnerForgot GPL license on new files.
2013-03-05 Christian SchmittMapWidget: Show counties and towns as well, depending...
2013-03-05 James TurnerStray debug message, remove.
2013-03-04 James TurnerMouseInput changes to support hover.
2013-03-03 Christian SchmittMapWidget: make use of the new POI system and display...
2013-03-03 Thomas GeymayerUpdate for nasal::Ghost changes
2013-02-28 James TurnerRemove isReciprocal from FGRunway.
2013-02-25 Thomas GeymayerCanvasWidget: automatically set auto-viewport.
2013-02-25 Thomas GeymayerCanvasWidget: add auto-viewport property.
2013-02-21 James TurnerGive the FGAirport class a sane filename.
2013-02-20 Christian SchmittAdd support for helipads from apt.dat 850+
2013-02-09 James TurnerSplit huge NasalSys header apart.
2013-02-09 James TurnerMerge branch 'next' of gitorious.org:fg/flightgear...
2013-02-08 James TurnerSupport a log-list widget in PUI.
2013-02-08 Frederic BouvierFix build for windows after logstream changes
2013-02-07 James TurnerMake various PUI widgets private.
2013-01-25 James TurnerJoystick/dialog caches, commit the transactions.
2013-01-24 James TurnerWrap dialog and joystick stat-cache in a transaction.
2013-01-22 James TurnerTolerate old blocks support in 10.6 compiler.
2013-01-22 James TurnerUse the aircraft position helper.
2013-01-19 James TurnerTweaking syntax for 10.6 block locals.
2013-01-19 James TurnerMake it all work with existing FileSelector API.
2013-01-19 James TurnerCocoa: use a window-sheet, and fire the callback.
2013-01-19 James TurnerInitial work on native file dialog support.
2012-12-18 James TurnerSupport partial all-within-range spatial queries.
2012-12-16 Thomas GeymayerCanvas: remove old event handling code
2012-12-10 James TurnerFlight-path-history.
2012-12-09 Thomas GeymayerCanvasWidget: Retrieve texture id every frame.
2012-12-08 Thomas GeymayerCanvas MouseEvent now provides client and screen position
2012-12-06 Thomas GeymayerCanvas add event time and expose current click count
2012-12-02 Thomas GeymayerFix calculating CanvasWidget mouse coordinates
2012-12-02 Thomas GeymayerFix for old PUI versions
2012-12-02 Thomas GeymayerForward mouse events from (PUI) CanvasWidget to Canvas...
2012-11-20 James TurnerMake PUI menu-bar reinit safe.
2012-11-18 Thomas GeymayerClean up CanvasWidget and more work on Canvas/Nasal...
2012-11-18 ThorstenBRemove static property dependencies
2012-10-13 ThorstenBFix some compiler warnings.
2012-10-10 ThorstenB#897: float vs double precision issues (frequency dialo...
2012-09-25 ThorstenBMove GUI init code to gui module.
2012-09-21 ThorstenBAvoid compiler warning.
2012-09-21 James TurnerFix a stupid logic bug when re-ordering waypoints.
2012-09-21 James TurnerLinux needs explicit <cstring> include.
2012-09-21 James TurnerLazy GUI dialog loading, for slightly faster startup.
2012-09-19 James TurnerImplement a persistent cache for navigation data.
2012-08-23 Stuart BuchananAdd properties for raw axis and button values, for use
2012-08-21 James TurnerFix some places relying on public 'using std::string...
2012-08-18 ThorstenBMake web browser app configurable through CMake (for...
2012-08-09 Thomas GeymayerCanvas: Image/Window unifying and allow using canvas...
2012-08-05 James TurnerFix a crash with the native menubar.
2012-08-03 Tim MooreMerge branch 'timoore/optimization' into next
2012-08-01 Frederic BouvierFix Win32 build - No GLUT please \!
2012-07-31 Thomas GeymayerCanvas: UTF-8 support and more settings exposed.
2012-07-31 Thomas GeymayerCanvas: Allow using canvases as PUI widgets.
2012-07-30 James TurnerAdd property to disable native menu on Mac.
2012-07-17 ThorstenBFix compiler warning
2012-07-10 James TurnerRevised patch from Yves to fix Mac 10.5 compilation
2012-06-21 James TurnerSafeTexFont is unused, remove from build & Git
2012-06-10 Frederic BouvierReset pointers in menus
2012-05-24 Erik HofmanMerge branch 'next' of gitorious.org:fg/flightgear...
2012-05-16 James TurnerStandard property to ignore unusably short runways...
2012-05-15 James TurnerFrom TomG - support per-aircraft GUI dialogs a little...
2012-05-11 James TurnerRemove remaining includes of simgear/waypoint
2012-05-07 James TurnerOn OS-X, used NSWorkspace to launch the browser.
2012-05-07 James TurnerFix various route-manager issues reported by Hyde.
2012-05-06 James TurnerCreate a real FlightPlan (and Leg) class
2012-05-05 ThorstenBFix Mac compile.
2012-05-05 ThorstenBSupport localized menu on Mac/CocoaMenuBar.
2012-05-04 ThorstenBClean-up some SGMath dependencies.
2012-05-04 ThorstenBUse separate header file for vector properties.
2012-05-02 James TurnerAdd an auto-release pool wrapper to the Cocoa code
2012-05-01 ThorstenBAdapt font size behaviour to original plib font.
2012-04-25 ThorstenBMove viewer-related sources to separate folder.
2012-04-22 ThorstenBTry to fix MSVC build.
2012-04-21 ThorstenB#263: (Re-)introduce language option for menu
2012-04-21 ThorstenBMove locale code to separate module.
2012-04-21 ThorstenBAdd Latin1 character subset to default FG font.
2012-04-21 James TurnerWork on an azimuthal project mode for the map, to impro...
2012-03-26 James TurnerAvoid a crash when using the native menubar on Mac...
2012-01-25 James TurnerBug 620, respect enable/disable state of entire menus...
2012-01-08 Erik HofmanMerge branch 'next' of gitorious.org:fg/flightgear...
2012-01-06 James TurnerShortcuts support in the Cocoa menubar. We have fewer...