Force 32 bits depth on .ico - only for Windows
[fg:hoorays-flightgear.git] / src / FDM /
2013-10-31 janodesboismake YASim report /velocities/mach as the speed's norm
2013-10-31 janodesboisRevert "JSBSim fix: /velocities/mach was reported as...
2013-10-28 janodesboisJSBSim fix: /velocities/mach was reported as totale...
2013-10-27 janodesboisforgot a .hxx modif in larcSim for bug 202
2013-10-27 janodesboisconsidering u,v,wbody-fps are the ECEF velocity express...
2013-09-27 James TurnerKill another BOM.
2013-09-27 James TurnerRemove UTF-8 BOM.
2013-09-23 Anders GidenstamRestored JSBSim to a working state in FlightGear.
2013-09-23 Anders GidenstamSynchronized with JSBSim/CVS.
2013-09-14 James TurnerFix for CVE-2012-2091:
2013-09-05 janodesbois#901, yasim report the wrong sign in side-slip-deg...
2013-08-19 Tom PaolettiPerformance optimization: empty() instead of size()>0
2013-07-29 James TurnerRemove unnecessary includes/using
2013-07-18 James TurnerFix native protocol crashes.
2013-07-04 Thomas GeymayerFix warnings identified by gcc.
2013-06-25 James TurnerBug
2013-06-11 Anders Gidenstamsrc/FDM/JSBSim/models/FGPropagate.{h,cpp}: Do not retur...
2013-06-11 Anders GidenstamSynchronized with JSBSim/CVS.
2013-06-09 James TurnerWork with revised NetChannel poll() API.
2013-05-26 Thomas GeymayerFix jsbsim gear location in the property tree.
2013-02-28 Christian Schmittupdate gitignore
2013-02-11 James TurnerFix ADA compilation.
2013-02-11 James TurnerFile mode fixes.
2013-02-07 Christian SchmittSome headers missing... ;)
2013-02-07 James TurnerAdapt to revised logging API.
2013-01-28 James TurnerWork-around a JSBSim reset issue following the sync.
2013-01-19 Torsten Dreyersync with JSBSim
2012-12-03 Thomas GeymayerFix #953.
2012-11-18 ThorstenBRemove static property dependencies
2012-11-17 ThorstenBYASim airborne start-up
2012-11-17 ThorstenB#600, for Curt... ;-) allow speed-up value to use fractions
2012-11-08 James TurnerAlexis Bory:
2012-11-01 ThorstenBAdd different error message when an FDM is disabled.
2012-10-13 ThorstenBFix some compiler warnings.
2012-09-03 Frederic BouvierBetter fix for a compilation problem with MSVC 2012
2012-09-03 Frederic BouvierRevert "Fix compilation problem with MSVC 2012"
2012-09-03 Frederic BouvierFix compilation problem with MSVC 2012
2012-08-29 Mathias FroehlichPush SGMaterial use into these classes that need it.
2012-08-27 Mathias FroehlichFix compile of simgear headless past bvh rework.
2012-08-24 Mathias Froehlichbvh: Adapt to upstream bvh changes in simgear.
2012-08-21 James TurnerWhoops, case-sensitivity matters on Linux.
2012-08-21 James TurnerMake some include dependencies explicit.
2012-08-03 Tim MooreMerge branch 'timoore/optimization' into next
2012-07-19 jberndtFixed a bug where a structural to Body frame conversion...
2012-07-15 ThorstenB#798: Betrand Coconnier: Fix setting initial vertical...
2012-07-08 ThorstenB#798: climb rate cannot be higher than the true speed
2012-06-03 Erik HofmanMerge branch 'next' of
2012-05-30 Erik Hofmanchange file permissions
2012-05-30 Erik Hofmansync with JSB JSBSim CVS
2012-05-24 Erik HofmanMerge branch 'next' of
2012-05-05 Frederic BouvierRemove redundant inclusion of math/SGMath.hxx
2012-05-04 ThorstenBFix rpmlint/Linux packager complaints
2012-05-04 ThorstenBGanael Laplanche: fix include dependencies for FreeBSD...
2012-05-02 ThorstenBset correct file mode
2012-04-08 ThorstenBAdd CMake option to disable building test applications.
2012-04-05 ThorstenBYASim performance optimization
2012-04-05 ThorstenBFix some compiler warnings.
2012-04-05 ThorstenBYASim performance optimization
2012-04-05 ThorstenBRemove unused variables (moment/ias)
2012-03-30 Frederic BouvierFix a typo in proptest.cpp
2012-03-30 Frederic BouvierCompile proptest.cpp with MSVC. There is still a link...
2012-03-29 Emilian HuminiucYASim: enable building of YASim's proptest utility
2012-03-27 James TurnerFix All-FDMs linkage. Thanks Torsten, no idea what...
2012-03-26 ThorstenBFix "use of uninitialized data" reported by valgrind.
2012-03-26 James TurnerFix YAsim linkage.
2012-03-26 James TurnerDon't create intermediate static libraries for build...
2012-03-25 Frederic BouvierCompile with MSVC 9
2012-03-04 ThorstenBUse tiedPropertyLists instead of manually matched tie...
2012-03-04 ThorstenBUse tiedPropertyLists instead of manually matched tie...
2012-02-24 ThorstenBClean-up cmake (linker) dependencies.
2012-02-15 Torsten DreyerRemove the deprecated warning for JSBSim's egt_degf
2012-02-12 Torsten DreyerMerge branch 'next' of
2012-02-11 ThorstenBRon Jensen: fixed a potential NaN and Segfault in JSBSi...
2012-01-05 Curtis L. OlsonFix YASim's /accelerations/pilot/{x,y,z}-accel-fps_sec...
2012-01-02 ThorstenBFix some compiler warnings.
2011-12-23 Erik HofmanFix for SF bug #3171743 - P-factor does not take into...
2011-12-12 adrianMerge branch 'next' into navaids-radio
2011-12-11 adrianMerge branch 'next' into attenuation
2011-12-11 ThorstenBAdd --log-class option, improve logging classes.
2011-12-01 adrianMerge branch 'radio-clutter' into attenuation
2011-12-01 adrianMerge branch 'next' into attenuation
2011-11-25 Erik HofmanSync. With JSBSim CVS
2011-11-24 adrianMerge branch 'next' into comm-subsystem
2011-11-23 adrianMerge branch 'next' into comm-subsystem
2011-11-22 Anders Gidenstamsrc/FDM/JSBSim/models/FGGasCell.cpp: Restore the ballon...
2011-11-20 Erik HofmanMerge branch 'next' of git://
2011-11-14 Durk TalsmaMerge branch 'next' of
2011-11-14 Frederic BouvierFix MSVC9 build
2011-11-13 James Turnerstd namespace fix
2011-11-13 ThorstenBShow YASim config error messages.
2011-11-01 James TurnerMake all FDMs selectable at runtime; default LARCsim...
2011-11-01 James TurnerGoodbye automake.
2011-10-30 Erik HofmanMerge branch 'next' of git://
2011-10-30 Erik HofmanLatest round of JSBim updates.
2011-10-29 adrianMerge branch 'next' into comm-subsystem
2011-10-17 James TurnerFix (nearly) all the std:: namespace violations in...
2011-10-09 Durk TalsmaMerge branch 'next' of
2011-10-09 ThorstenBreplay system: allow to resume simulation at any point...
2011-10-09 ThorstenBMinor FDM shell performance improvement
2011-10-06 adrianMerge branch 'next' into comm-subsystem