Force 32 bits depth on .ico - only for Windows
[fg:hoorays-flightgear.git] / src / Environment /
2013-11-12 James TurnerReset: changes for SGSubsystem ownership.
2013-11-12 James TurnerReset: remove commands
2013-10-29 James TurnerReset: ensure Wx controller destroys cleanly.
2013-10-27 Thomas GeymayerUpdate/refactor for simgear HTTP changes.
2013-09-14 James TurnerFix for #1117:
2013-07-04 James TurnerFix unused private vars.
2013-03-27 James TurnerMinor cleanup of cloud commands.
2013-03-17 James TurnerFix missing include for Linux.
2013-03-17 James TurnerFix max-metar-age, bug #1076.
2013-02-21 James TurnerGive the FGAirport class a sane filename.
2013-02-07 Christian SchmittSome headers missing... ;)
2012-12-16 James TurnerMETAR selection of runway works for reset.
2012-12-09 James TurnerIssue #809, restructure position init code.
2012-12-05 Stuart BuchananGenerate RNG at start of day, and pass down the stack...
2012-11-27 Stuart BuchananAdd properties to allow control of precipitation level...
2012-11-20 James TurnerMake EnvironmentMgr shutdown its subsystems.
2012-11-19 James TurnerMake HTTPClient a proper subsystem.
2012-11-15 ThorstenB#918: fix jsbsim in-air repositioning issue
2012-11-09 Stuart BuchananFor clouds use a RNG seed that stays the same for 10...
2012-09-23 James TurnerDefer SGEphemeris creation until ::init()
2012-09-23 James TurnerAdapt to revised SGTime API
2012-09-23 James TurnerCommands to bind metar to the property tree.
2012-09-19 ThorstenBAllow instruments/systems to reset on sim reset
2012-09-19 James TurnerFix classes derived from SubsystemGroup.
2012-09-17 James TurnerMake magavr a regular subsystem.
2012-05-24 Erik HofmanMerge branch 'next' of
2012-05-05 Frederic BouvierRemove redundant inclusion of math/SGMath.hxx
2012-05-04 ThorstenBClean-up some SGMath dependencies.
2012-04-25 ThorstenBMove viewer-related sources to separate folder.
2012-04-18 James TurnerSupport loading PropertyList data remotely, as part...
2012-03-26 ThorstenBReplace unnecessary use of copy constructor.
2012-03-09 Torsten Dreyerbind the sky disable cutoff distance to a property
2012-03-06 Torsten DreyerSpring-cleaning: some minor optimization
2012-03-03 Mathias FroehlichAdapt to simgear SGMath change.
2012-01-17 Stuart BuchananAdd property controls for cloud impostors and LoD hiera...
2011-12-31 Durk TalsmaMerge branch 'next' of
2011-12-31 Torsten Dreyersimplify the METAR string, remove newline etc.
2011-12-22 Torsten DreyerFix #535: METAR from command line ignored
2011-12-19 ThorstenBFix issues related to #419.
2011-12-01 adrianMerge branch 'radio-clutter' into attenuation
2011-12-01 adrianMerge branch 'next' into attenuation
2011-11-24 Stuart BuchananRemove 3d clouds reliance on /sim/rendering/shader...
2011-11-23 adrianMerge branch 'next' into comm-subsystem
2011-11-20 Erik HofmanMerge branch 'next' of git://
2011-11-05 James TurnerRefactor SGSky handling and ownership - sink into Rende...
2011-11-01 James TurnerSwitch the realWx controller to use the event-manager...
2011-11-01 James TurnerGoodbye automake.
2011-10-30 Erik HofmanMerge branch 'next' of git://
2011-10-30 James TurnerMake environment-manager closest airport updating quiet...
2011-10-29 adrianMerge branch 'next' into comm-subsystem
2011-10-21 James TurnerUpdate FGMetar for revised SGMetar constructor.
2011-10-17 James TurnerFix (nearly) all the std:: namespace violations in...
2011-08-26 Torsten Dreyerrefactor the realwx-controller
2011-08-16 Curtis L. OlsonFix a couple issues with non-referenced files missing...
2011-08-11 ThorstenBUse some more logging class variety.
2011-08-08 Durk TalsmaMerge branch 'next' into durk-atc
2011-08-08 James TurnerMerge branch 'next' of
2011-08-08 James TurnerSwitch RealWx to use simgear::HTTP class. Also tweak...
2011-08-07 Stuart BuchananAdd property binding for 3D cloud wrapping. Note that...
2011-07-24 Durk TalsmaMerge branch 'next' into durk-atc
2011-07-19 James TurnerCMake header support for XCode/Visual Studio
2011-07-18 Torsten DreyerFix minor memory leak in terrainsampler
2011-06-22 Torsten DreyerMerge branch 'next' of
2011-06-05 Vivian MeazzaMerge branch 'next' of D:\Git_New\flightgear into next
2011-06-05 Durk TalsmaMerge branch 'next' into durk-atc
2011-06-03 Torsten DreyerFix bug#333 2D clouds sometimes not visible with materi...
2011-06-01 Durk TalsmaMerge branch 'next' into durk-atc
2011-06-01 Curtis L. OlsonMerge branch 'next' of
2011-06-01 Torsten DreyerMerge branch 'next' of
2011-05-31 Torsten DreyerRemove some unused code
2011-05-31 Torsten Dreyerremove inclusion of useless stdio.h
2011-05-31 Durk TalsmaMerge branch 'next' into durk-atc
2011-05-31 Torsten DreyerMerge branch 'next' of
2011-05-31 Torsten DreyerCompute gravitational acceleration
2011-05-31 Torsten DreyerDon't declare static functions in header file
2011-05-31 Torsten DreyerRemove 'using namespace std' directive
2011-05-30 Curtis L. OlsonMerge branch 'next' of
2011-05-28 ThorstenBBertrand Coconnier: bug fix for #184, JSBSim: command...
2011-05-26 Torsten DreyerMerge branch 'next' of
2011-05-08 Curtis L. OlsonMerge branch 'next' of
2011-05-06 Torsten DreyerRemove unused class SGEnviro
2011-05-02 Torsten DreyerMerge branch 'next' of
2011-04-29 Durk TalsmaMerge branch 'next' into durk-atc
2011-04-24 Stuart BuchananAdd x-offset-m and y-offset-m to move-cloud command.
2011-04-23 Torsten DreyerMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1554' of git://gitori...
2011-04-22 Stuart BuchananFurther updates to 3D clouds
2011-04-21 Stuart BuchananMerge branch 'next' of git://
2011-04-21 Stuart BuchananImproved 3D cloud support
2011-04-18 ThorstenBAutomatic tower positioning
2011-04-03 Torsten DreyerMerge branch 'next' of
2011-04-03 Durk TalsmaMerge branch 'next' into durk-atc
2011-04-19 Durk TalsmaMerge branch 'next' into durk-atc
2011-04-02 ThorstenBMinor clean-up (fixed renamed subsystems)
2011-03-24 Curtis L. OlsonMerge branch 'next' of
2011-03-23 ThorstenBMinor namespace issue
2011-03-08 Torsten DreyerMerge branch 'next' of
2011-03-07 ThorstenBUntie all TiedPropertyLists before destruction.
2011-03-07 ThorstenBFix another (tiny) memory leak.
2011-02-28 Curtis L. OlsonMerge branch 'next' of
2011-02-27 Torsten Dreyerprepare for subsystem_mgr.hxx no longer including props.hxx