Force 32 bits depth on .ico - only for Windows
[fg:hoorays-flightgear.git] / src / Airports /
2013-10-27 James TurnerExperimental sorter for airports.
2013-10-15 James TurnerCleanup exit handling.
2013-08-19 Tom PaolettiPerformance optimization: empty() instead of size()>0
2013-07-04 James TurnerBug 1137, handle single-digit runways.
2013-06-30 James TurnerSpeculative fix for bug 1149, AI traffic on helipads.
2013-06-21 James TurnerFix warnings identified by updated XCode.
2013-03-10 Christian SchmittFix some uninitialized variables (found by valgrind)
2013-03-06 Thomas GeymayerClean up/simplify NasalPositioned_cppbind
2013-03-06 Thomas GeymayerTypos, license headers...
2013-03-04 Thomas GeymayerFinish porting airportinfo to cppbind
2013-03-04 Thomas GeymayerStart porting NasalPositioned to cppbind.
2013-03-04 Thomas GeymayerClean up/prepare for porting NasalPositioned to cppbind
2013-02-28 Christian SchmittFix missing includes
2013-02-28 James TurnerRemove isReciprocal from FGRunway.
2013-02-28 Christian SchmittConvert runway parser and all internals to metric units...
2013-02-26 Christian SchmittExpose heliports to Nasal for future use in maps
2013-02-24 Christian Schmittapt_loader.cxx: 810 helipads are now treated as such...
2013-02-24 Christian Schmittapt_loader.cxx: update version parsing to 4-digit versions,
2013-02-21 James TurnerGive the FGAirport class a sane filename.
2013-02-20 Christian SchmittAdd support for helipads from apt.dat 850+
2013-02-20 Christian Schmittairport traffic routes from apt.dat 1000 are unknown...
2013-02-07 Christian SchmittSome headers missing... ;)
2013-01-01 James TurnerFix runway elevations when threshold.xml is used.
2012-12-23 James TurnerRevised cache transaction handling.
2012-12-19 James TurnerFix a typo.
2012-11-24 James TurnerFix some groundnet cache issues.
2012-11-24 ThorstenBTraffic performance: add airport memory cache
2012-11-19 James TurnerBracket threshold.xml loading in a DB transaction.
2012-11-18 ThorstenBRemove static subsystem dependencies
2012-11-18 ThorstenBFixed some uninitialized member vars and a mem leak.
2012-11-18 ThorstenBRemove static property dependencies
2012-11-12 James TurnerSupport for creating default SID/approach.
2012-11-10 James TurnerFix bug 905.
2012-11-08 James TurnerOverhaul the ground-net / parking code.
2012-10-30 James TurnerTraffic improvements.
2012-10-13 ThorstenBFix some compiler warnings.
2012-09-27 Thomas GeymayerFix some CommStation bugs
2012-09-25 ThorstenBMinor pointer safety and compiler warning issues.
2012-09-25 James TurnerFix linux build, needs explicit <cstring>
2012-09-24 James TurnerMake FGTaxiNode and FGParking inherit FGPositioned.
2012-09-24 James Turnerstd namespace fixes in headers.
2012-09-23 James TurnerClean up dynamics/parking handing code.
2012-09-20 Stuart BuchananSimplify code for taxiways.
2012-09-19 Stuart BuchananExpose surface types and taxiways via the airportinfo...
2012-09-19 James TurnerImplement a persistent cache for navigation data.
2012-08-23 Stuart BuchananAdd properties for raw axis and button values, for use
2012-08-21 James TurnerWhoops, case-sensitivity matters on Linux.
2012-08-21 James TurnerMake some include dependencies explicit.
2012-08-17 ThorstenBChristoph Korn/ fix typos
2012-05-24 Erik HofmanMerge branch 'next' of
2012-05-16 James TurnerStandard property to ignore unusably short runways...
2012-05-11 James TurnerRemove remaining includes of simgear/waypoint
2012-05-06 James TurnerCreate a real FlightPlan (and Leg) class
2012-05-04 ThorstenBGanael Laplanche: fix include dependencies for FreeBSD...
2012-04-30 ThorstenBAvoid compiler warnings.
2012-04-25 James TurnerRemove PositionedBinding (which no one ever used),...
2012-04-16 James TurnerExpose more things to Nasal for FMSs in particular...
2012-04-12 ThorstenBDon't call "exit" when reporting an error.
2012-03-15 Mathias FroehlichRemove /sim/paths/use-custom-scenery-data.
2012-03-03 Mathias FroehlichAdapt to simgear SGMath change.
2012-01-08 Erik HofmanMerge branch 'next' of
2012-01-08 ThorstenBPotential fixes for #548, #572, groundnetwork related...
2012-01-02 Durk TalsmaBugfixes and some finetuning:
2011-12-19 Erik Hofmancomment out unused variables and function and properly...
2011-12-04 Durk TalsmaMerge branch 'next' of
2011-12-04 Durk TalsmaMerge branch 'merge-requests/1555' into next
2011-12-04 adrianMerge branch 'next' into attenuation
2011-12-01 adrianMerge branch 'next' into attenuation
2011-11-24 adrianMerge branch 'next' into comm-subsystem
2011-11-23 adrianMerge branch 'next' into comm-subsystem
2011-11-20 Erik HofmanMerge branch 'next' of git://
2011-11-14 Durk TalsmaMerge branch 'next' of
2011-11-14 Frederic BouvierFix MSVC9 build
2011-11-13 Mathias FroehlichConsolidate the different ReaderWriterOptions classes.
2011-11-12 Durk TalsmaFixing an age old bug. AIAircraft arriving on an airpor...
2011-11-01 James TurnerGoodbye automake.
2011-10-29 adrianMerge branch 'next' into comm-subsystem
2011-10-28 Curtis L. OlsonMerge branch 'next' of
2011-10-27 Durk TalsmaMerge branch 'next' of
2011-10-27 Durk TalsmaImproved AI taxi behavior:
2011-10-26 Durk TalsmaMerge branch 'next' of
2011-10-26 Durk Talsma* Updated routing algorithm. Just sorting the schedules...
2011-10-22 Durk TalsmaPotential fix for bug #471 (crash in checkspeedadjustment).
2011-10-17 James TurnerFix (nearly) all the std:: namespace violations in...
2011-10-09 Durk TalsmaMerge branch 'next' of
2011-10-09 Durk TalsmaAITraffic exits the runway as soon as possible (in...
2011-10-08 Durk TalsmaMerge branch 'next' of
2011-10-08 Durk TalsmaSeveral Bugfixes:
2011-10-06 adrianMerge branch 'next' into comm-subsystem
2011-10-03 Torsten DreyerMerge branch 'next' of
2011-10-03 Durk TalsmaMerge branch 'next' of
2011-10-03 Durk Talsma* A new algorithm for determining hold position instruc...
2011-09-30 ThorstenBMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1553' of git://gitori...
2011-09-28 Christian SchmittFix a segfault that became apparent with a 850 apt...
2011-09-22 Durk TalsmaBugfix: Retrieval of the next radio frequency was broke...
2011-09-22 Durk TalsmaPatch by Torsten Dryer: Remove the Ugly global dialog...
2011-09-05 Martin SpottMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/11' of git://gitoriou...
2011-09-05 adrianfix array index out of bounds in dynamics.cxx
2011-09-05 adrianMerge branch 'next' into radio-att
2011-09-04 Durk TalsmaA number of cosmetic and/or infrastructural changes.