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2007-05-21 andyYank the automake version test. The numerics break...
2007-05-16 curtTrim any extra verbocity in the version number.
2002-09-06 curtFixes to better support the native irix compilers.
2002-09-03 curtAutomake version check is best done only in the autogen...
2002-09-03 curtAdditional build system tweaks.
2002-08-29 curtIrix fixes.
2002-08-24 curtIt probably is better not to hide warning messages...
2002-08-24 curtBrandon Bergren:
2002-01-19 curtSame tweak as for simgear to better handle...
2002-01-19 curtMisc tweaks.
2002-01-17 curtFixed typo.
2002-01-17 curtHandle newer versions of automake automatically.
2001-12-29 curtInitial revision.