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2009-02-04 durkAdded Alexis Bory. Alexis, in addition, kindly pointed...
2009-02-04 durkAdd one more name from my list of people who should...
2009-02-04 durkAdd some names that should not have been left out....
2007-05-18 curtUpdates.
2007-05-17 curtAdded Olaf Flebbe.
2007-05-17 curtUpdates.
2007-05-16 curtUpdates for scenery object database credits.
2007-05-15 mfranzMail++, Vivian++, ... and mine, of course :-)
2006-08-26 durkGive Mark Akermann credits for his new sun coloring...
2006-02-09 ehofmanVivian Meazza:
2006-01-14 ehofmanMake sure the path to simgear and plib get added to...
2005-12-06 ehofmanGive Vivian some more credit.
2005-11-11 curtAdded a Thanks entry.
2005-11-07 curtUpdates.
2005-07-26 ehofmanMore updates.
2005-05-02 ehofmanUpdates.
2004-11-19 curtFix my mailing address by replacing it with my web...
2004-10-17 ehofmanchange an emaul address.
2004-10-06 ehofmanAdd Maik Justus
2004-06-03 ehofmanAdd the AIModel based air traffic subsystem from Durk...
2004-06-01 ehofmanUpdates ias requested by Melchior.
2004-06-01 ehofmanSome (small) modifications.
2004-06-01 ehofmanUpdates.
2003-12-29 curtUpdated Andrei's entry.
2003-11-13 ehofmanDepreciate NetworkOLK. A big thanks goes to Oliver...
2003-10-24 curtVarious 0.9.3 updates.
2003-07-18 ehofmanSmall update
2003-06-18 ehofmanAdd an entry
2003-06-04 ehofmanAdd some credits
2003-03-05 curtTweaks.
2003-03-05 curtUpdates to the Thanks file contributed by Jim Wilson.
2003-01-22 curtUpdated Jon Berndt's entry.
2002-10-10 curtEric Hofman:
2002-09-07 curtGetting ready for 0.8.0 release.
2002-09-01 curtUpdated Bernie's entry.
2002-04-19 curtJim Wilson:
2002-04-01 curtUpdated Cameron's entry.
2002-03-26 davidUpdated Melchior's entry with other stuff he's done.
2002-03-26 davidAdded Melchior (but I cannot remember what else he...
2002-03-21 davidMinor updates to my own entry.
2002-03-21 davidAdded Erik Hofman's sound contributions.
2002-03-21 davidAdded Jim Wilson.
2002-02-15 curtUpdate Norman's entry.
2002-02-13 curtFixed an email address.
2002-02-13 curtUpdated Cameron's entry.
2002-02-13 curtSeveral updates.
2001-12-11 davidTest commit.
2001-12-11 davidAdded Andy Ross (YASim).
2001-12-10 curtMinor property name change to track changes in xml...
2001-07-26 curtUpdated Alex Perry's email address.
2001-07-02 curtUpdates.
2001-06-26 distribute rather than irix...
2001-06-23 curtUpdated records for John Check and Dave Cornish.
2001-06-20 curtVarious last minute tweaks.
2001-04-16 curtModified FlightGear/src/Scenery. The tile loader threa...
2001-01-05 curtTweaks related to the HUD.
2000-10-16 curtChanged default starting airport.
2000-10-04 curtrunway textures!
2000-09-29 curtWorking on putting engine data on "the bus"
2000-09-26 curtTweaks to base making rules.
2000-07-14 curtAdded support for $FG_SCENERY and --fg-scenery=path
2000-07-03 curtMoved sky code over to simgear.
2000-05-30 curtFixed a credit for Norman Vine.
2000-05-27 curtFirst quick hack at panel shading.
2000-05-27 curtReplaced gdbm with metakit. Involves a new simgear...
2000-04-21 curtTweaks.
2000-04-19 curtFormating change.
2000-03-29 curtUpdated ...
2000-03-26 curtAdded an entry for Ralph
2000-03-22 curtupdates
2000-03-16 curtUpdate Gene's email.
2000-03-09 curtUpdated due to the hard work of Oliver Delise. Thanks...
2000-03-01 curtUpdate thanks.
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