2014-01-14 James TurnerCrashfix: move spatial, AI queries in map-widget
2014-01-14 James TurnerGPS bug fix: restore startup mode.
2014-01-13 James TurnerFix bug 1286 - mouse scroll-wheel+shift ignored
2014-01-13 James TurnerReset, fix Nasal timers added on shutdown.
2014-01-13 James TurnerReset work, fix time-slew on OSG event handling.
2014-01-12 Clément de... FGCom: update special_frq for built-in/standalone sync
2014-01-12 James TurnerClear the custom OSG notify logger on shutdown.
2014-01-06 James TurnerCrash fix: thread-safe material conditions
2014-01-04 James TurnerFix crash: Quit via Cmd-Q on Mac.
2014-01-04 James Turner#1291, hang on exit with OSG threading.
2014-01-01 James TurnerFix METAR-download bug on Windows.
2013-12-30 James TurnerFix for the fix: check for a viewer.
2013-12-30 James TurnerFix crash on exit (cancel the osgDB pager)
2013-12-26 Clément de... Remove unwanted message from IAX lib
2013-12-26 Clément de... Fix frozen shutdown for Linux
2013-12-25 Clément de... Make cmake happy (from Christian Schmitt commit - terra...
2013-12-24 Clément de... Delete unused variable
2013-12-23 Clément de... FGCom standalone: update positions.txt
2013-12-22 Clément de... gen_phonebook.pl: skip 8.33KHz from apt.dat + fgcom...
2013-12-22 Thomas GeymayerPID: ensure correct initialization with large sampling...
2013-12-22 James TurnerUse a real function to wrap isfinite differences.
2013-12-21 James TurnerFix a crash where we show a message-box on start.
2013-12-21 James TurnerSupport non-C99 mode in MSVC.
2013-12-21 James TurnerCocoa: fix warning about deprecated function.
2013-12-21 Clément de... Remove specific hack while testing period
2013-12-20 James TurnerFix some warnings from new Xcode.
2013-12-20 Rebecca PalmerAlways make sure the Terrasync directory is set and...
2013-12-19 James TurnerBugfix: avoid sky colour errors when vis < 1000m
2013-12-19 James TurnerSecurity: more conservative dir permission masks.
2013-12-19 James TurnerBugfix: remove the (totally broken) skyblend option
2013-12-19 Torsten Dreyerautopilot: add the forgotten RateLimitFilter
2013-12-18 Thomas GeymayerExpose SGPath to Nasal
2013-12-17 Torsten DreyerAdd new filters from Alan Teeder
2013-12-17 James TurnerRembrandt: fix sky color at altitude.
2013-12-15 Rebecca PalmerStop --native-ctrls option from breaking JSBSim
2013-12-15 Rebecca PalmerRemove manpage for gl-info, as it no longer exists
2013-12-15 Rebecca Palmercompletely rewrite README.Linux, as the old version...
2013-12-15 Rebecca Palmermanpage: correct --airport-id to --airport, remove...
2013-12-15 Rebecca PalmerDisable screensaver: initial Linux-only implementation
2013-12-15 James TurnerReset: use new copy-properties helper.
2013-12-15 James TurnerUse binding-list fire helper.
2013-12-09 James TurnerReset: Clear the pager queues, preserve properties.
2013-12-09 James TurnerShutdown: clear effects cleanly.
2013-12-09 Thomas GeymayerSet "/sim/fghome-readonly" to false also for Windows.
2013-12-09 Thomas GeymayerCheck return values if write and unlink.
2013-12-09 Thomas GeymayerCanvas: Now only one global SystemAdapter is used...
2013-12-09 James TurnerKill an obsolete static in the osgViewer wrapper.
2013-12-09 James TurnerBug 1289, crash on AP reload
2013-12-08 ThorstenBRoute manager support to read flightplans in GPX format
2013-12-08 Thomas GeymayerScripting: clean up a bit and user more of cppbind.
2013-12-08 Thomas GeymayerAdd positioned.diff for fast difference calculations...
2013-12-07 James TurnerReset: clear the viewer scene.
2013-12-07 Thomas GeymayerFGLinuxEventInput: check return value of write.
2013-12-07 Thomas GeymayerExpose SGPropertyNode::removeAllChildren() to Nasal.
2013-12-06 James TurnerReset: ensure FGODGuage shutsdown cleanly.
2013-12-06 James TurnerRenderer: get rid of static scene references.
2013-12-06 James TurnerReset: clear the osg object cache
2013-12-04 janodesboisvelocities/uBody got a capitale B forgot this in mp...
2013-12-04 James TurnerReset: listener cleanup
2013-12-04 James TurnerReset: clear effects cache
2013-12-03 James TurnerReset: free nasal-module-listeners on shutdown.
2013-12-03 Gijs de RooyOutput route manager ETA in seconds
2013-12-01 James TurnerFix a copy-paste bug in the route-manager.
2013-12-01 James TurnerReset: change FDM ownership
2013-12-01 James TurnerRemap JSB-sim debug levels from SG_LOG levels.
2013-12-01 Clément de... Fix accent bug in MapWidget
2013-12-01 Thomas GeymayerCanvasWidget: get new GUI camera on reset.
2013-12-01 Clément de... Fix BMP header for Inno-setup
2013-12-01 Thomas GeymayerCanvas GUI: completely reset on reinit
2013-11-29 bcoconniFix for bug #1238: the accelerations, velocities, etc...
2013-11-27 Clément de... FGCom standalone: .txt destination can be tweaked with...
2013-11-25 James TurnerReset: fix a static in play-audio-sample
2013-11-25 James TurnerRemove dependency on command-mgr singleton
2013-11-24 bcoconniSynchronized with JSBSim/CVS
2013-11-24 bcoconniFixed a race condition so that FG runs most of the...
2013-11-24 James TurnerCocoa: more Function-key shortcuts in menus
2013-11-24 James TurnerReset: do re-init Ghost bindings.
2013-11-24 James TurnerCocoa menu fixes for reset
2013-11-24 James TurnerBreak config init / aircraft loading apart.
2013-11-24 Thomas GeymayerCanvas/GUI: add/remove placement factories on init...
2013-11-22 James TurnerReset: do general init on reset path
2013-11-22 James TurnerNasal changes for reset
2013-11-22 James TurnerNavData: can refresh some in-place.
2013-11-22 James TurnerReset: delete mat-lib, re-create on reset
2013-11-19 James TurnerOne more Mac helper moved into CocoaHelpers.mm
2013-11-19 James TurnerStructural work (init + shutdown) for new reset system.
2013-11-18 James TurnerOne more Mac helper moved into CocoaHelpers.mm
2013-11-18 James TurnerRead-only mode fixes.
2013-11-18 James TurnerFix a propObj -> node conversion bug.
2013-11-17 Clément de... FGCom built-in: restore speaker volume settings
2013-11-17 janodesboisstatic.cxx msvc bug correction.
2013-11-16 Eric van den... static port can be side-slip/alpha dependant, to add...
2013-11-16 James TurnerGlobals: delete/shutdown tweaks.
2013-11-16 James TurnerRefactor aircraft-dir visiting.
2013-11-16 James TurnerReset: refactor static CameraGroup ownership
2013-11-16 James TurnerReset: make fgSetDefaults non-static.
2013-11-16 James TurnerReset: guard against picks during re-init
2013-11-16 James TurnerEnvironment manager: use aircraft_pos helper
2013-11-16 James TurnerReset: AIbase, drop references
2013-11-16 James TurnerRelease property refs on shutdown.