2015-03-17 James TurnerSet min-macos-version for CMake 3.2.1 next
2015-03-12 James TurnerMake a new launcher tab for add-ons
2015-03-12 Clément de... Show Qt paths in CMake
2015-03-12 Torsten DreyerSplit multiplayer command
2015-03-11 James TurnerAircraft path support in the Qt launcher
2015-03-11 Torsten DreyerRunUriHandler: add some INFO logging for the requests
2015-03-11 Torsten DreyerAdd command multiplayer to control the multiplay_mgr
2015-03-11 Torsten DreyerMetarProperties: don't double-trigger listeners on...
2015-03-11 Torsten Dreyerextract RemoteXMLRequest to make it reusable
2015-03-11 James TurnerStart wiring package manager into the launcher.
2015-03-11 James TurnerRemove obsolete #ifdef check
2015-03-11 James TurnerRefactor aircraft helper classes
2015-03-11 Torsten DreyerFix recently introduced bug in json-to-prop conversion
2015-03-09 Torsten DreyerJSON Properties: encode NaN as null
2015-03-09 Torsten Dreyerhttpd: expose if airport has metar in navdb uri handler
2015-03-09 Torsten DreyerLive weather: ensure valid flag is set correctly
2015-03-08 James TurnerOne more log item for the tile-cache.
2015-03-08 James TurnerFix non-Qt build.
2015-03-08 James TurnerGUI ‘restore defaults’ support.
2015-03-08 James TurnerAdd missing GPL boilerplate.
2015-03-08 James TurnerCmake always generates version.h
2015-03-08 James TurnerRemove obsolete nightly build script.
2015-03-08 James TurnerVery crude work on GUI base package selection.
2015-03-08 James TurnerLaunch aircraft data cache
2015-03-05 James TurnerArrow icons for variant selection.
2015-03-05 James TurnerFix some off-by-one errors in variants GUI
2015-03-05 James TurnerLauncher support for aircraft variants.
2015-03-03 Torsten DreyerUse the pagedPathForHistory in the FlightHistoryUriHandler
2015-03-03 Torsten DreyerFlightHistory: add pagedPathForHistory
2015-03-02 Torsten Dreyerhttpd: fix misplaced warning message
2015-02-27 Torsten Dreyerwrap the json flight history as a feature
2015-02-27 James TurnerFix a couple more Qt version issues.
2015-02-27 Torsten DreyerJsonUriHandler: allow POST updates without child
2015-02-26 Torsten DreyerHTML Property Browser: use radiobuttons for bools
2015-02-25 James TurnerFix Linux compilation.
2015-02-25 James TurnerSet placeholderText from code
2015-02-25 James TurnerFix cleanup of RouteDataPrivate
2015-02-25 Torsten Dreyerflighthistory service: use GeoJSON instead of own invention
2015-02-24 James TurnerFix where we set OS-X deployment target.
2015-02-23 James TurnerGuard against a crash Torsten encountered once.
2015-02-23 Torsten DreyerExpose FlightHistory as a http service
2015-02-23 Torsten DreyerFlightHistory: make clear() public
2015-02-23 James TurnerQt launcher: additional arguments UI
2015-02-23 James TurnerFlightPlan activation, delegate hook.
2015-02-22 Stuart Buchananstgmerge enhancements
2015-02-22 Torsten DreyerMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1591' of https:/...
2015-02-17 Torsten Dreyerpackage system: de-hardcode default catalog id and url
2015-02-17 Torsten DreyerOoops...
2015-02-17 Torsten DreyerInitial work for a PKG http service
2015-02-15 bcoconniJSBSim syncing. The changelog is:
2015-02-13 Torsten DreyerPropertyBrowser: Add a JSON link and the path
2015-02-12 portree_kidCode to stop loading of invalid flightplans 1591
2015-02-12 Rebecca N.... Clear GroundLightManager on exit to avoid segfault
2015-02-12 James TurnerAdjust warning flags for Clang.
2015-02-12 James TurnerUpdates for v2 code-signing
2015-02-11 James TurnerFix encoding / C++11 compliance
2015-02-11 James TurnerForce libc++ explicitly on Clang
2015-02-11 Torsten Dreyerhttpd/json: send as correct typ for bools and numbers
2015-02-11 Torsten DreyerAdd formatted KDI572/574 properties
2015-02-10 James TurnerBetter CMake policy detection
2015-02-09 James TurnerCmake policies conditional on Cmake version.
2015-02-09 James TurnerForce 10.7 deployment version on Mac.
2015-02-04 Torsten DreyerJSBSim: populate fuel tank cg
2015-01-18 Rebecca N.... Fix typo, thanks to Markus Wanner
2015-01-18 Rebecca N.... Fix hang in Nasal->C++->Nasal calls
2015-01-18 Stuart BuchananInitial checkin of stgmerge
2015-01-18 Stuart BuchananClean up some trivial warnings
2015-01-17 Torsten DreyerBump version to 3.5.0 version/3.5.0
2015-01-17 FlightGear... Bump version number to 3.4.0 version/3.4.0
2015-01-17 bcoconniFixed a bug that made FG crash when repositionning...
2015-01-14 James Turnerroute-path: separate turn entry and exit parts.
2015-01-12 Torsten DreyerFix wrong ATIS for negative temperatures
2015-01-11 James TurnerRoute path turn helpers.
2015-01-10 James TurnerRemove a warning, let Nasal itself warn if needed.
2015-01-10 James TurnerFix broken angular conversion in RNAV runway controller.
2015-01-10 James TurnerRNAV: use runway departure end for previous wpt.
2015-01-10 James TurnerFix GPS intercept controller:
2015-01-10 James TurnerFix spelling mistake.
2015-01-10 James TurnerLauncher: select season.
2015-01-10 James TurnerAsk before creating the custom aircraft dir.
2015-01-10 James TurnerRestore aircraft-manager location back to FG_HOME
2015-01-10 James Turner- Make Qt check guarded by a CMake option
2015-01-08 James TurnerRoute-path bug fixes.
2015-01-07 James TurnerLauncher: hook up MSAA checkbox.
2015-01-07 James TurnerOnly set AUTOMOC for fglauncher target.
2015-01-07 James TurnerFix native menubar in Mac builds with Qt
2015-01-06 James TurnerMac nightly can use new launcher.
2015-01-06 James TurnerHook up parking position in launcher.
2015-01-06 James TurnerLinux fixes for launcher code.
2015-01-06 James TurnerIn-app launcher for Mac, based on Qt5.
2015-01-04 James TurnerGuard against saved bad terrasync path.
2015-01-03 James TurnerFix turn entry path position computation.
2015-01-02 James TurnerWaypoint controller fixes
2015-01-02 James TurnerFix two route path issues found by Hyde
2014-12-30 Clément de... Revert "Altimeter: fix output format for hPa/InHg settings"
2014-12-30 Clément de... Altimeter: fix output format for hPa/InHg settings
2014-12-25 James TurnerPartial fix for runway leg courses.
2014-12-25 James TurnerFix distance-along-path computation
2014-12-22 James TurnerWhen the turn angle is large, don’t fly-by.
2014-12-22 James TurnerRoutePath mag-var and point-on-path fixes