2015-03-06 Torsten DreyerPhi: nicer scroll animation for METAR widget master fgdata-the-original-series-ends-here
2015-03-05 Torsten DreyerPhi: make the flightgear.org link clickable
2015-03-05 Torsten DreyerPhi: add a scale to map
2015-03-05 Torsten DreyerPhi: bring the NavDB Layer to the map widget
2015-03-05 Torsten DreyerPhi: improve radio stack widget and some fixes
2015-03-05 James TurnerVariants for the 777
2015-03-05 James TurnerC172P: variant support
2015-03-05 Torsten DreyerPhi: add 'display nearby METAR' widget
2015-03-05 Thorsten RenkALS fake aircraft shadow technique based on projecting...
2015-03-04 Torsten DreyerPhi: hash based single page navigation and Map tuning
2015-03-04 Torsten DreyerPhi: add Screenshot page
2015-03-03 Martin SpottUpdate list of directories covered by Scenemodels.
2015-03-03 Torsten DreyerPhi: use new pagedPathForHistory for the Map
2015-03-03 Torsten DreyerPhi: fix initial position bug for map widget
2015-03-02 Torsten DreyerPhi: add some control buttons to the property graph
2015-03-02 Torsten DreyerCleanup: remove unused files
2015-03-02 Torsten DreyerPhi: style the property plotter
2015-03-02 Torsten DreyerPhi: initial work for plotting properties
2015-03-01 Torsten DreyerPhi: property browser can do charts
2015-02-28 Hyde YamakawaFix: Systems that have mcbf triggers by default (flaps...
2015-02-27 Torsten DreyerPhi: display property names with index
2015-02-27 Torsten Dreyercleanup: atc-chatter is long gone
2015-02-27 Torsten DreyerPhi: map widget a/c orientation uses true heading
2015-02-27 Torsten DreyerPhi: improve the property browser
2015-02-27 Torsten DreyerPhi: use keyCode instead of key in property browser
2015-02-27 Torsten DreyerPhi: add property browser
2015-02-26 Martin SpottAvailable via TerraSync and not used in the Base Package.
2015-02-26 Torsten DreyerSenecaII: flag emergency checklist
2015-02-26 Torsten DreyerPhi: responsive Mass&Balance widget layout
2015-02-26 Torsten DreyerPhi: better layout for holding pattern simulator
2015-02-25 Torsten DreyerPhi: more map widget works
2015-02-25 Torsten DreyerPhi: add layer binding to the map widget
2015-02-25 Thorsten RenkConsistent shadow tree fog color for ALS
2015-02-25 Thorsten RenkBugfix - winter scenery has no ocean landclass defined
2015-02-25 Torsten DreyerAdd a track layer to the browser map
2015-02-25 Torsten DreyerPhi: make make sure map widget has at least some height
2015-02-25 Torsten DreyerPhi: Correc vertical size of Map topic's content
2015-02-23 Torsten DreyerPhi: distinguish between normal and abormal checklists
2015-02-23 Torsten DreyerPhi: fix aircraft-help for keys
2015-02-23 Torsten Dreyerhttpd: expose flighthistory URI
2015-02-22 Torsten DreyerMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/277' of https://gitor...
2015-02-22 Torsten DreyerMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/268' of https://gitor...
2015-02-22 Torsten DreyerMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/265' of https://gitor...
2015-02-22 Torsten DreyerMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/271' of https://gitor...
2015-02-22 Torsten DreyerPhi: some cleanup and a error message
2015-02-22 Torsten DreyerPhi: some tweaks
2015-02-21 Anders GidenstamZLT-NT: Renamed the transponder instrument to "transpon...
2015-02-21 Anders GidenstamIssue 1649: Fix for Transponder TDR-94.
2015-02-21 Torsten DreyerPhi: clean some html cruft from index.html
2015-02-21 Torsten DreyerPhi: Add Holding Pattern Tool
2015-02-21 Richard HarrisonF14-B : Use correct property for scene illumination...
2015-02-20 Thorsten RenkRandom vegetation shadows for ALS
2015-02-18 Thorsten RenkIntel GPUs seem to be more picky...
2015-02-18 Torsten DreyerPhi: Add stopwatch widget
2015-02-18 Thorsten RenkEarthview earth and cloudsphere are not solid to not...
2015-02-18 Thorsten RenkEuropean deciduous trees change autumn color in ALS
2015-02-17 Torsten DreyerPhi: try to survive flightgear reset
2015-02-17 Torsten DreyerPhi: first incomplete aircraft selection/install
2015-02-17 Torsten Dreyerhttpd: expose /pkg/ uri handler
2015-02-17 Torsten Dreyerfgcommand.js: wrap switch-aircraft command
2015-02-16 Torsten DreyerPhi: Scroll content container
2015-02-16 Torsten DreyerPhi: map widget use groundspeed not airspeed
2015-02-15 Torsten DreyerSenecaII: add missing texture SWitch.png
2015-02-13 Torsten DreyerPhi: nicer station id popup
2015-02-13 Torsten DreyerPhi: Radiostack widget improvements
2015-02-13 Torsten DreyerPhi: cleanup aircraft icon's label in map widget
2015-02-13 Torsten DreyerPhi: semitransparent aircraft marker on map widget
2015-02-13 Torsten DreyerPhi: draw aircraft trail on map widget
2015-02-13 Torsten DreyerDon't reference gui controls from the description
2015-02-13 Torsten DreyerPhi: start work on weather dialog
2015-02-13 Torsten DreyerPhi: better aircraft icon on map widget
2015-02-13 Hyde Yamakawa777:Fix of var mis-use
2015-02-13 Torsten DreyerProably better description for "Live data" WX Scenario
2015-02-13 Torsten DreyerTiny style mod for the property browser
2015-02-10 Stuart BuchananDisable directional lighting as workaround.
2015-02-07 Torsten DreyerPhi: Add theme switch
2015-02-06 Torsten DreyerPhi: Help has more than just <line>...
2015-02-06 Torsten DreyerPhi: Display the Aircraft Help Screen
2015-02-06 Torsten DreyerPhi: tweaking the Date&Time topic
2015-02-06 Torsten DreyerPhi: tweak Mass&Balance topic
2015-02-06 Hyde Yamakawa777:Add more EICAS messages
2015-02-04 Torsten DreyerPhi initial commit
2015-02-04 Torsten Dreyerc172p: define CG envelope
2015-02-04 Torsten Dreyermake fgcommand.js a AMD module
2015-02-04 Torsten DreyerSenecaII: fix nonlinear FF indicator
2015-02-04 Torsten DreyerSenecaII: fix bad fuel flow
2015-01-29 Gijs de RooyBoeing CDU: new canvas based system, thanks to James...
2015-01-28 Hyde Yamakawa777:Fix nasal error of issue 1653
2015-01-28 Hyde Yamakawa777:Add new version of RAAS
2015-01-28 Hyde YamakawaMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:fg/fgdata
2015-01-27 Richard HarrisonF14-B (yasim) fix wing sweep computations for mach...
2015-01-27 Gijs de RooyBoeing CDU fonts
2015-01-19 Hyde YamakawaMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:fg/fgdata
2015-01-18 Martin SpottImported into Scenemodels.
2015-01-18 Hyde YamakawaRevert "777:runway: Add initial version of RAAS by...
2015-01-18 Martin SpottB777's always bring their own fire trucks - make sure...
2015-01-18 Martin SpottAdd some of the missing files after sync from Scenemodels.
2015-01-18 Martin SpottSync from Scenemodels.
2015-01-17 Torsten DreyerBump version to 3.5.0 version/3.5.0
2015-01-17 Torsten DreyerChange visibility definition of AI-Models version/3.4.0