2010-02-10 martinSync with VirtualAir (virtualair.sourceforge.net/).
2010-02-10 ehofmanuse doubles instead of floats for better accuracy of...
2010-02-09 dfaberMP display now handled different.
2010-02-09 dfaberimproved FDM, revert to linear ASI
2010-02-08 sydadamsre-add registration for exterior
2010-02-08 sydadamsFixed some material lighting errors
2010-02-07 dfaberModel corrections, improved spray texture
2010-02-07 helijah- update FDM for DR400 120 and 180 by Olivier FAIVRE.
2010-02-06 sydadamsAdded radio dialog to match panel instruments
2010-02-06 sydadamsfix digit error on PFD compass
2010-02-06 sydadamsadded another tire squeal
2010-02-05 sydadamsRemoved Peter's autopilot ... reworked original ap
2010-02-03 vmmeazzaAdd tachiametric gunsight
2010-02-03 vmmeazzaUse generic trigger property.
2010-02-03 vmmeazzaUse generic trigger property. Add tachiametric gunsight
2010-02-03 vmmeazzaUse generic trigger property. Add features for use...
2010-02-03 vmmeazzaChange panel dimmer control and other maintenance
2010-02-03 dfaberfix pilot display
2010-02-03 vmmeazzaMake taxi light steerable
2010-02-03 vmmeazzaChange light textures
2010-02-03 ehofmancommit the proper version
2010-02-03 ehofmanrestore previous version, it wasn't supposed to be...
2010-02-03 ehofmana couple of tropical trees.
2010-02-03 timooreFix implicit conversion from vec4 to vec3 in material...
2010-02-03 ehofmanremove an empty <path/> tag
2010-02-03 vmmeazzaMake light into a taxi light contained within the near...
2010-02-03 vmmeazzaMake taxi-light switchable
2010-02-02 vmmeazzaTry alternative z-buffer fix
2010-02-02 vmmeazzaUpdate - remove z-buffer fighting
2010-02-01 vmmeazzaMinor update
2010-02-01 vmmeazzaAdd taxi light using Zan's shaders
2010-02-01 dfaberadded credits
2010-02-01 curtApparently I missed this commit at some point.
2010-02-01 sydadamsMajor 3d updates
2010-01-31 dfaberadded a spray effect
2010-01-31 helijah- new FDM for DR400 120 by Olivier FAIVRE.
2010-01-31 vmmeazzaAdd stencil light shaders by Lauri Peltonen (Zan).
2010-01-31 vmmeazzaAdd stencil light shaders by Lauri Peltonen (Zan).
2010-01-31 sydadamsadded RIC, new livery
2010-01-30 dfaberadded thumbnail
2010-01-30 dfabernew thumbnail
2010-01-30 sydadamspage fix...
2010-01-30 helijah- new FDM for DR400 120 by Olivier FAIVRE.
2010-01-30 sydadamsAdded 'specifications' page to manual
2010-01-30 helijah- new update by Victhor. Thanks to him
2010-01-30 helijah- little update on FDM (thanks to Melchior for the...
2010-01-29 vmmeazzaEarly Easter egg
2010-01-28 martinFix helipad number assignments at EGKA and EGBJ, accord...
2010-01-28 sydadamsabs didnt work
2010-01-28 sydadamsAdjust texture mapping
2010-01-28 sydadamsHopefully fixed the FPA error
2010-01-28 sydadamsMade 3d manual draggable ...
2010-01-27 dfaberModel improvments, reworked FDM, new Instruments, added...
2010-01-27 dfaberadded source of instrument textures
2010-01-27 timooreEffects and shaders for material animations
2010-01-27 sydadams2 checklist pages ...
2010-01-27 sydadamsautopilot fix from Pete Morgan
2010-01-27 sydadamsSyncing with local changes ...
2010-01-26 ehofmanReorganize the town area a bit
2010-01-26 ehofmanease up on the exotic buildings a bit
2010-01-25 durkFix small capitalization problem.
2010-01-25 durkFix small capitalization problem.
2010-01-24 vmmeazzaRemove <div> tag - it does no harm, but it shouldn...
2010-01-24 durkInitial Commit of the A320-600 by Liam Gathercole.
2010-01-24 durkInitial commit of the 787-300 by Liam Gathercole.
2010-01-24 martinStewart Andreason / Gijs de Rooy:
2010-01-24 durkStewart Andreason: New splashscreen.
2010-01-24 durkRetain advanced terrain shader settings between sessions.
2010-01-24 ehofmanisix from the forum made a new set of GPL textures...
2010-01-24 martinRob Shearman:
2010-01-24 martinPast-finished update for Gijs de Rooy upon special...
2010-01-24 martinMinor adjustments for latest Terrain
2010-01-24 martinCosmetic cleanup to the Terrain, updated Airports XML...
2010-01-24 abory- Minor Fix.
2010-01-24 abory- Use standard keys for air-brake.
2010-01-24 martinWhile we are at it, remove blanks in filenames, these...
2010-01-24 martinRemoved files are not referenced anywhere, they're...
2010-01-24 jmtDave Perry:
2010-01-24 helijah- Update by Guillaume CHAUVAT
2010-01-24 martinUpdated Objects for a new (2.0) world
2010-01-23 martinAdd airfield updates 100 - 103 ....
2010-01-23 martinAlexis Bory:
2010-01-23 abory- Fix radar range sync for back-seater.
2010-01-23 martinReflect the ambient colour change, add new models from...
2010-01-23 abory- Addecm/compas for the back-seater.
2010-01-23 vmmeazzaupdate by Anders Gidenstam
2010-01-23 martinLatest update to Martin's "find the obscure holes"...
2010-01-23 abory- Shorter instruments string, added CDI and CRS values.
2010-01-23 abory- Add ecm/compas for back-seater (Dual control).
2010-01-23 abory- Add ecm/compas display for the back-seater.
2010-01-23 martinEven more sorting things and cleanup
2010-01-23 martinEven more sorting things and cleanup
2010-01-23 martinEven more sorting things and cleanup
2010-01-23 ehofmansmall adjustments
2010-01-23 martinEffectively these are static objects
2010-01-23 ehofmanMarkus Zojer:
2010-01-23 ehofmanReplace livery textures due to licensing issues.
2010-01-23 martinMmmmh, looks like a mistake ....
2010-01-23 martinPreliminary Objects for 2.0
2010-01-22 martinPreliminary Terrain for 2.0