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2010-02-03 timooreFix implicit conversion from vec4 to vec3 in material...
2010-01-31 vmmeazzaAdd stencil light shaders by Lauri Peltonen (Zan).
2010-01-27 timooreEffects and shaders for material animations
2009-11-26 timooreupdate to a more recent version of the cloud shader
2009-11-26 timooreeffect for clouds
2009-11-23 timooreNew tree rendering algorithm
2009-11-21 timooreMove hard wired tree shader to an effect
2009-11-19 timoorelight two-sided polygons
2009-11-17 timooreclamp lighting values and support transparency material...
2009-11-17 timoorein shaders, get alpha directly from diffuse material...
2009-11-14 timooreCreated different default shaders for models.
2009-09-29 jmtFrom Lauri Peltonen (Zan):
2009-08-22 ehofmanRemoved a line too many.
2009-08-22 ehofmancomment out unused code and add proper reflections...
2009-08-08 timooreTill Busch - effects, shaders and textures for crop...
2009-07-19 timoorefixes to terrain shader
2009-07-15 timooreTerrain effect has a shader