Phi: nicer scroll animation for METAR widget
[fg:fgdata.git] / Nasal / bits.nas
2008-12-22 mfranzstring(): make zero padding work if arg is 0
2008-10-25 mfranzadd complementary function to bits.string(): bits...
2008-10-23 mfranzbits.string: add optional zero-padding
2008-10-22 mfranzset: bugfix (invert test; still faster than the old...
2008-10-22 mfranzset/clear: shorter & a few nanoseconds faster
2008-10-22 mfranzadd bits.toggle() and bits.switch()
2008-10-22 mfranz"export" bit vector & cleanup
2008-10-22 mfranzbits.test: remove silly loop
2008-10-22 mfranzrestore simple bits functions. Useful for setting/testi...
2008-09-29 mfranzdoes no longer work after the nasal update
2008-07-29 mfranzsome convenience functions for the built-in bits library