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2013-09-05 Geoff McLaneUpdate to a new version of And use... master
2013-09-05 Geoff McLaneRemove the 'special' config.h.msvc from README docs
2013-09-05 Geoff McLaneRemove need for a 'special' config.h for MSVC. A config...
2013-09-04 Geoff McLaneBlow away some more OLD MSVC solution files
2013-09-01 Clément de... Fix error: << Ignoring unknown information element... next
2013-08-25 Geoff R. McLaneSome improvments in the README documents
2013-08-25 Geoff R. McLanebump version to 2.12
2013-08-25 Geoff R. McLaneRemove a gcc warning, and use strlen() once
2013-08-25 Geoff McLaneSeparate into 2 static buffers, one for iax report...
2013-08-24 Clément de... Restore 910.000MHz for echo test
2013-08-24 Geoff McLaneSet DEFAULT_VOIP_SERVER to
2013-08-24 Clément de... Implement 25KHz compatibility 3
2013-08-23 Clément de... Implement an ATC mode feature
2013-08-11 Geoff R. McLaneAdd variable add_LIBS to fgcom final link
2013-06-03 Geoff McLaneFix by Clement to allow the compare of a double to...
2013-01-30 Geoff R. McLaneMerge branch 'master' of git://
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