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last changeMon, 6 Oct 2014 09:23:27 +0000 (11:23 +0200)
2014-10-06 radiadd command line option --expire to fgelev, overriding... next
2014-10-03 Thomas GeymayerFix updating ADF ident if getting in range after being...
2014-10-02 Torsten DreyerRemove --jpg-httpd option
2014-10-02 Torsten Dreyerhttpd: fix mjpeg encoding
2014-09-24 Torsten DreyerFix (1st try) absolute paths for httpd url_rewrites
2014-09-24 Torsten DreyerSome debug stuff for the mongoose httpd
2014-09-21 Torsten Dreyerhttpd: fix log message typos
2014-09-21 Clément de... Improve <usage> tag feature
2014-09-19 Torsten DreyerAllow user defined mime types for the internal httpd
2014-09-19 Thomas GeymayerNasal: move IOrules check to better place and exit...
2014-09-18 Thomas GeymayerSkydome ends lower with default rendering scheme.
2014-09-17 Thomas GeymayerUse black clear color only at high altitudes.
2014-09-17 Torsten DreyerLoad a flight recorder tape from the command line
2014-09-17 Thomas GeymayerBlack sky for orbital flights outside skybox.
2014-09-15 Torsten Dreyerhttpd: downgrade log message
2014-09-12 Torsten DreyerExpose the running-state of the internal webserver
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3 years ago version/2.11.0 Bump version to 2.11.0
3 years ago version/2.10.0 feature freeze for 2.10.0, new...
4 years ago version/2.8.0-final Final version for building the...
4 years ago version/2.9.0 Starting 2.9.0 development.
4 years ago version/2.8.0 start of 2.8.0 freeze / RC testing
4 years ago version/2.6.0-final
4 years ago version/2.7.0 Version 2.7.0
4 years ago version/2.6.0 Version 2.6.0
5 years ago last-automake Tag prior to removal of automake...
5 years ago version/2.4.0-final This is the code base for FlightGea...
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