last changeFri, 6 Jan 2012 20:17:16 +0000 (21:17 +0100)
2012-01-06 Thomas PetazzoniAdd IGEPv2 config for 3.1 kernel master
2012-01-06 Thomas show name of uploaded file
2012-01-06 Thomas PetazzoniPad image file when using nandwrite
2012-01-06 Thomas PetazzoniUpdate and extend documentation
2012-01-06 Thomas use results.sqlite in current directory
2011-09-29 David WagnerAdvise the use of jffs2-summary
2011-09-29 David WagnerUse the ubiblkadd util in the squashfs-ubiblk test
2011-09-29 David WagnerFix the raw write experiment
2011-09-29 David WagnerUse the posix output format of the time command
2011-09-29 David WagnerMove the utils to /usr/sbin
2011-09-27 David Wagnermore documentation
2011-09-27 David WagnerREADME: bootdelay and sqlite initialisation
2011-09-27 David WagnerCorrect and extend the README
2011-09-23 Thomas Petazzonidocumentation: details on needed kernel config and...
2011-09-16 David WagnerAdd a subtle grid to the graphs
2011-08-11 David WagnerPythonize the command line building
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