last changeSat, 31 May 2008 15:56:44 +0000 (17:56 +0200)
2008-05-31 Luca BarbatoMerge branch 'master' of git:// master
2008-05-31 vitorAdd doxy comments to eq() and do_voice()
2008-05-31 jbruse enum value for CRC error
2008-05-31 jbrmove header error logging to after CRC check
2008-05-31 vitorMinor simplification
2008-05-31 vitorRename variable
2008-05-31 vitorRemove useless intermediate variable
2008-05-31 vitorRemove ra144.o dependency added in revision r13500...
2008-05-31 diegoflvenc.o depends on avc.o (for H.264 support functions).
2008-05-31 diegoCompiling ffmpeg.c fails when when the .ffm demuxer...
2008-05-30 michaelunused
2008-05-30 michaelAs *_static are not deallocated anymore except on progr...
2008-05-30 michaelunused
2008-05-30 michaelRemove non C code.
2008-05-30 michaelMove *_static to bitstream.c which is the only file...
2008-05-30 michaelChange init_vlc_rl() so it doesnt use *alloc_static...
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