last changeSat, 4 Apr 2009 04:35:28 +0000 (00:35 -0400)
2009-04-04 Alexander StrangeMore todos related to init api master
2009-04-04 Alexander StrangeForbid calling avcodec_thread_init after avcodec_open.
2009-04-04 Alexander StrangeRemove client calls to avcodec_thread_init.
2009-04-04 Alexander StrangeMerge mainline.
2009-04-03 stefanoRemove JACK input device addition entry.
2009-04-03 michaelDo not fail on zero packets.
2009-04-03 reimarMark line_skip3 asm argument as output-only instead...
2009-04-03 reimarMark put_signed_pixels_clamped_mmx output operands...
2009-04-03 reimarUse DECLARE_ASM_CONST for non-global ff_vector128 const...
2009-04-03 gbAdd VC-1 bitstream decoding through VA API.
2009-04-03 stefanoUpdate after the last two commits.
2009-04-02 stefanoImplement JACK input device.
2009-04-02 stefanoImplement av_fifo_space().
2009-04-02 diegoFix lzo-test linking: -llzo2 should be in ELIBS, not...
2009-04-02 alexcRewrite put_signed_pixels_clamped_mmx() to eliminate...
2009-04-02 stefanoUpdate after the last API change.
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