Add APIchanges entry for the av_metadata_copy() addition.
[ffmpeg:ffmpeg-mt.git] / Makefile
2011-01-09 stefanoAdd demuxers.texi file.
2010-12-27 elenrilMetadata muxer
2010-12-23 stefanoAdd dependency for the libavfitler.html file.
2010-12-14 stefanoSimplify texi files naming: ff*-doc.texi -> ff*.texi.
2010-12-11 stefanoDefine PODPAGES in Makefile, and make them depend on
2010-12-07 ramiroFix building of object files in tools/
2010-11-08 stefanoAdd a file for bitstream filters documentation.
2010-11-03 stefanoAdd eval.texi file.
2010-08-26 mrufate: print list of tests with "make fate-list"
2010-08-23 vitorMP3 float decoder FATE tests
2010-08-22 mrufate: remove pointless fate/fate2 separation
2010-08-17 diegoSkip adding SDL_CFLAGS to CFLAGS for the ffplay.d target.
2010-08-04 mrufate: move some groups of related tests to their own...
2010-08-01 stefanoFix fate-lavfi-pixfmts test cross-compilation.
2010-07-31 stefanoAdd protocols.texi.
2010-07-27 stefanoAdd the indevs.texi and outdevs.texi files.
2010-07-26 mrufate: create report files
2010-07-26 mruAdd a simple base64 encoder for use in tests
2010-07-22 mruDo not automatically run configure
2010-07-21 stefanoAdd libavcore.
2010-07-21 mruEnable lavfi test in "make test"
2010-07-20 mruRerun configure when all*.c files have changed
2010-07-20 mruChange message tag for tests to simply TEST
2010-07-20 mruRemove old regtest make rules redirecting to fate-based...
2010-07-20 mrufate: allow running regtests through fate frontend
2010-07-19 mruGenerate list of lavfi tests in configure
2010-07-19 mrufate: echo fate-run command with V=1
2010-07-09 mruRemove dead target from .PHONY list
2010-07-09 mrufate: add oneoff test for twinvq
2010-07-09 mrufate: add oneoff comparison method
2010-07-09 mrufate: pass additional variables to test script
2010-07-08 mruChange names of regtest output files to closer match...
2010-07-08 mruSimplify regtest reference makefile dependencies
2010-07-08 mruMove regression test dependencies to configure
2010-07-08 mruCreate the regtest reference files only when necessary
2010-07-08 mruClean up make rules for calling codec test scripts
2010-07-08 mruBeautify make messages when generating test data files
2010-07-07 stefanoAdd pixdesctest filter and corresponding test.
2010-06-21 stefanoMake the ffmpeg and ffplay man pages show the list...
2010-06-21 stefanoUpdate documentation dependencies, make ff* tools manpa...
2010-06-06 michaelAdd simple rgb/yuv in avi regression test.
2010-05-24 stefanoAdd libavfilter 1-input - 1-output regression test...
2010-05-10 mruFATE: print friendly error for individual tests when...
2010-04-19 vitorMakefile: make fate target depend on compiling ffmpeg
2010-03-17 stefanoAdd some ad-hoc tests for libavfilter.
2010-03-15 mruAdd FATE tests
2010-03-14 mruFix brief make output for generated tables
2010-03-10 mru10l: fix version.h generation
2010-03-10 mruMake version.h depend on git changes
2010-03-10 mruImprove version.h generation
2010-03-10 mruPrettify make output for documentation
2010-03-10 mruChange dir into doc/ when running texi2html
2010-03-08 mrucheckheaders: skip per-arch headers not meant for direc...
2010-03-08 mruAdd TESTOBJS make variable for extra objects used by...
2010-03-08 mruSkip cmdutils_common_opts.h fragment in checkheaders
2010-03-06 mruPrettify make output
2010-03-06 mruAdd INSTALL makefile variable
2010-03-06 mruUse mkdir -p to create directories
2010-03-06 mruAdd CP make variable
2010-03-06 mruUse $(RM) to delete files
2010-03-02 mruRun seektest on all generated files
2010-03-02 mruRemove unused argument to test scripts
2010-02-21 stefanoAdd FFprobe tool.
2010-02-20 mruDelete avconfig.h on distclean
2010-02-20 mruDelete all test related files in testclean rule
2010-01-30 mruSeparate audio-only tests so they are only run once
2010-01-27 mru10l: fix linking
2010-01-26 mruAllow disabling of lavc, lavf, lavd, and lsws
2010-01-26 ramiroRevert r21226, it was a joke:
2010-01-19 mruAdd rules to install generated headers
2010-01-16 mruregtest: run tests only for enabled codecs and formats
2010-01-16 mruregtest: split wma test into wmav1 and wmav2
2010-01-16 mruregtest: split reference files allowing tests to run...
2010-01-15 ramiroGet one step closer to world domination.
2009-12-12 reimarAdd ROQ format regression test.
2009-11-10 mruFix make install when all of ffmpeg/ffplay/ffserver...
2009-10-31 mruAllow disabling doc generation with --disable-doc
2009-10-31 mruMakefile cosmetics
2009-10-29 mruAdd generic rules for building helpers with HOSTCC
2009-10-27 stefanoSplit again and create a lavfi...
2009-10-24 stefanoSplit, and create the lavf-regressi...
2009-10-21 stefanoRename vfilters.texi to libavfilter.texi, as the file...
2009-10-18 diegocosmetics: Break overly long lines.
2009-10-18 stefanoAdd documentation for libavfilter video filters.
2009-10-06 jbrAdd ALAC encoding and decoding regression tests.
2009-09-27 stefanoImplement a lavfitest target for testing regressions...
2009-09-21 mruSplit dnxhd regression test so the parts can run in...
2009-09-18 diegoAdd probetest to TOOLS list.
2009-09-18 diegoIntroduce a variable for all targets in the tools subdi...
2009-09-17 reimarAdd dnxhd test to regression tests.
2009-09-10 diegoFix typo: '.' was used instead of '/' as directory...
2009-08-23 mruSkip headers requiring external libs not present in...
2009-07-28 mruReplace BUILD_{SHARED,STATIC} with CONFIG_ counterparts
2009-07-22 mruFix building of tools/*
2009-07-17 diegoMake sure that tests/seek_test.o gets deleted on 'make...
2009-07-12 mruUse LD for linking, default to same as CC
2009-06-24 diegoSplit developer documentation off from general document...
2009-06-22 stefanoConsistently rename variables denoting regression refer...
2009-06-18 stefanoRename tests/ffmpeg.regression.ref to tests/vsynth...
2009-06-15 mruAdd "config" make target to rerun configure with old...