last changeSun, 16 Jan 2011 00:27:39 +0000 (19:27 -0500)
2011-01-16 Alexander StrangeRe-enable multithreaded mpeg4. master
2011-01-16 Alexander Strangepthread: Call external get_buffer() on the client's...
2011-01-15 Alexander StrangeMake ARM asm #error out, since the offset values are...
2011-01-15 Alexander StrangeMerge mainline.
2011-01-15 stefanoInclude libavcore/audioconvert.h, required for
2011-01-15 stefanoReindent.
2011-01-15 stefanoMake ff_dprintf_link() print meaningful information...
2011-01-15 darkshikariRemove evil timers that snuck their way into r26375.
2011-01-15 darkshikariFix r26375 on non-x86.
2011-01-15 darkshikariH.264: Partially inline CABAC residual decoding
2011-01-15 stefanoRename AVFilterBufferRefAudioProps.samples_nb to nb_sam...
2011-01-15 stefanoMake avfilter_unref_buffer() accept a NULL parameter.
2011-01-15 stefanoReindent after the last commit.
2011-01-15 stefanoIn ffplay, do not open display if -nodisp is set.
2011-01-15 michaelParse fact chunks from wav files to find duration.
2011-01-15 michaelFactor tag reading code out of wav read_header()
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