vp3: fix mt decode of 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 content
[ffmpeg:eborgess-ffmpeg-mt.git] / ffplay.c
2010-08-10 Alexander StrangeMerge mainline.
2010-08-07 stefanoRename fields:
2010-08-07 stefanoRename functions and fields:
2010-08-07 stefanoRename AVFilterPicRef to AVFilterBufferRef.
2010-08-07 stefanoMove format from AVFilterBuffer to AVFilterPicRef.
2010-08-01 Alexander StrangeMerge mainline.
2010-07-26 stefanoDeprecate av_parse_video_frame_size() and av_parse_vide...
2010-07-18 Alexander StrangeMerge mainline and swscale.
2010-07-11 reimarAdd avsubtitle_free function.
2010-07-07 jai_menonFFplay : Fix segfault when playing monoaural streams.
2010-07-04 stefanoImplement -onkeydown and -onmousedown options for ffplay.
2010-07-03 jai_menonFFplay : Copy all AVFrame fields from the reference...
2010-07-01 stefanoMove colorspace.h from libavcodec to libavutil.
2010-06-29 mruffplay: remove VLA
2010-05-30 Alexander StrangeMerge mainline.
2010-05-27 michaelFix pts reordering code.
2010-05-25 Alexander StrangeMerge mainline.
2010-05-24 jai_menonFFplay : Implement custom reget_buffer for the input...
2010-05-23 jai_menonCosmetics : re-indent after last commit.
2010-05-23 jai_menonFFplay : Avoid manipulating NULL data pointers so that...
2010-05-19 Alexander StrangeMerge mainline.
2010-05-15 stefanoAvoid mixed declaration and code, fix C89 compatibility.
2010-05-12 bcoudurierrename -vfilters cli option to -vf in ffplay as well
2010-05-11 Alexander StrangeMerge mainline.
2010-05-08 stefanoFix auto-scaling.
2010-05-01 Alexander StrangeMerge branch 'master' of git://git.mplayerhq.hu/ffmpeg
2010-04-22 cehoyosFix compilation error of ffmpeg and ffplay with --disab...
2010-04-19 Alexander StrangeMerge mainline.
2010-04-09 jai_menonffplay : Add 's' to the list of supported commands.
2010-04-01 cehoyosAdd -t option to ffplay.
2010-04-01 koorogiCosmetics: indentation
2010-04-01 koorogiDon't create unnecessary refereces to pictures
2010-04-01 koorogiHook decoder up to libavfilter's direct rendering for...
2010-03-30 stefanoDefine AVMediaType enum, and use it instead of enum...
2010-03-27 Alexander StrangeMerge mainline.
2010-03-23 cehoyosAdd a loop option to ffplay.
2010-03-20 diegoMove variable declaration, fixes the warning:
2010-03-17 stefanoAdd a -window_title option, which sets the FFplay windo...
2010-03-13 stefanoMake ffplay pass the packet.pos information to the...
2010-03-12 michaelPrint skip_frames variable.
2010-03-11 michaelMake rdft speed user configureable.
2010-03-11 michaelImplement framedrop.
2010-03-11 mruffplay: use correct format specifiers in printf()
2010-03-10 michaelFix some apparent +- errors in the audio vissualization.
2010-03-10 michaelOnly reschedule refresh if we successfully removed...
2010-03-10 michaelIncrease VIDEO_PICTURE_QUEUE_SIZE to 2.
2010-03-10 michaelDo not call SDL_SetVideoMode() with the same size as...
2010-03-08 Alexander StrangeMerge mainline.
2010-03-07 mruRemove hacks not required since HAVE_AV_CONFIG_H was...
2010-03-07 mruffplay: use public fft interface
2010-03-07 mruGive RDFT types more meaningful names
2010-03-06 stefanoReindent after the last commit.
2010-03-06 stefanoUse av_get_pict_type_char() in debug code within output...
2010-03-06 mruMove FFT parts from dsputil.h to fft.h
2010-03-05 michael10l fix timestamps (lavfi update broke them)
2010-03-05 michaelFix 100l pkt->pos typo.
2010-03-05 michaelLibavfilter for ffplay support.
2010-03-05 conradJust ignore streams with unknown codec_type instead...
2010-03-01 stefanoAdd a check in the case more than one input file is...
2010-02-24 ramiroClear freed pointer in ffplay.c.
2010-02-23 michaelAlso favor streams with more packets in ffplay.
2010-02-23 michaelDont modify wanted_stream.
2010-02-23 michaelreplace wanted_*_stream by wanted_stream[CODEC_TYPE]
2010-02-23 michaelReplace *_index by st_index[codec_type].
2010-02-21 stefanoUse the official FFmpeg spelling: "ffmpeg" -> "FFmpeg".
2010-02-18 michaelfix issue 1747
2010-02-16 stefanoRename the "enc" variable, which refers to the AVCodecC...
2010-02-06 jai_menoncosmetics : re-indent after r21639.
2010-02-06 stefanoRemove unused variable ref_clock, fix the warning:
2010-02-05 michaelmake the RDFT vissualizatiom default, the scopes are...
2010-02-05 michaelMake sure the rdft has enough audio available.
2010-02-05 michaelScale rdft vissualization up by 2 so theres no unused...
2010-02-05 vitorDo not segfault when doing "ffplay -h"
2010-02-05 michaelPretty RDFT audio visulaization.
2010-02-05 michaelFast seeking.
2010-02-04 michaelautoexit
2010-02-03 michaelClean after togling wave.
2010-02-03 michaelMove is->frame_timer init from start to flush_pkt handl...
2010-02-03 michaelThe convertion between bit and byte is 8 not 60.
2010-02-03 Alexander StrangeMerge mainline and libswscale.
2010-02-02 michaelCompare the correct clocks for syncing video to audio...
2010-02-02 michaelMove the initial refresh scheduling for audio display...
2010-02-02 michaelCommit disapeared hunk, must have editied this out...
2010-02-02 michaelAutodetect when byte based seeking is better (that...
2010-02-02 michaelUse currently displayed file position instead of just...
2010-02-02 michaelFix seek flags
2010-02-01 stefanoUse parentheses around && within ||, fix the gcc warning:
2010-02-01 stefanoReindent.
2010-02-01 michaelMake sure the faulty timestamp detection is just done...
2010-02-01 michaelReset frame_last_delay to 0.
2010-02-01 michaelMove frame_last_delay into flush code as it must be...
2010-02-01 michaelReset frame_last_pts on flush (and thus also at start)
2010-02-01 michaelInsert a flush packet into the que on init, that way...
2010-02-01 michael"Flush" the picture que on seeks, this prevents the...
2010-02-01 michaelSchedule refreshes from a thread that actually knows...
2010-02-01 michaelFix race condition with reading between video_current_p...
2010-02-01 michaelTry to more completely update time variables on unpause.
2010-02-01 michaelSimplify get_video_clock()
2010-02-01 michael10l, forgot HAS_ARG, -drp segfaulted.
2010-01-31 michaeldecoder reorder pts auto detection.