last changeWed, 11 Aug 2010 09:20:33 +0000 (02:20 -0700)
2010-08-11 Alexander Strangevp3: fix mt decode of 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 content master
2010-08-11 Alexander Strangevp3: Fix a crash decoding files with <thread_count...
2010-08-10 Alexander StrangeMerge mainline.
2010-08-09 mstorsjohttp: Return EOF at the end of the content even if...
2010-08-09 vitorFix handling of truncated files. Should fix random...
2010-08-08 diegoOnly check for for libvpx decoder/encoder if libvpx...
2010-08-08 ramirofix configure when --enable-libvpx is not specified
2010-08-08 diegoSplit libvpx check into decoder and encoder check.
2010-08-07 darkshikariSplit h264dsp and h264pred in configure.
2010-08-07 alexcoggparsevorbis: Add some sanity checks to header packet...
2010-08-07 stefanoApply misc docs fixes spotted by Diego.
2010-08-07 stefanoFix VfW spelling.
2010-08-07 siretartFix spelling in comment(s)
2010-08-07 darkshikariH.264: 8% faster CAVLC zero-run decoding
2010-08-07 mstorsjoAdd RTP packetization of Theora and Vorbis
2010-08-07 stefanoFix the compilation of some libavcodec/lib* files which...
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