last changeFri, 4 Jul 2008 08:50:59 +0000 (16:50 +0800)
2008-07-04 zhentan Fengremove useless structs and write metadata directly master
2008-07-01 zhentan Fengremove useless include
2008-07-01 zhentan Fengremove temp buf and write directly to file
2008-06-30 zhentan Fengmodify code to make successfuly in FFmpeg project
2008-06-29 zhentan Fengmodify the code to complie successfully
2008-06-28 zhentan Fengchange the default audio codec
2008-06-28 zhentan Fengwrite op1a uid directly
2008-06-28 zhentan Fengadd element uid table for codecs
2008-06-28 zhentan Fengremove usless code
2008-06-28 zhentan Fengmodify func call mistakes and mxf_free
2008-06-27 zhentan Fengmore review for memory free and add return value
2008-06-24 zhentan Fengmodify mxf_set_time_stamp()
2008-06-24 zhentan Fenghandle ref_count ==0 for reference
2008-06-24 zhentan Fengrecode mxf_generate_uuid() func
2008-06-23 zhentan Fengremove unnecessary function mxf_set_strong_ref
2008-06-23 zhentan Fengrename mxf_write_kl to mxf_write_klv_header
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