end of refactoring...
[falcomics:falcomics.git] / Sources / gui / FCImageWidget.fal
2011-06-16 luconeend of refactoring...
2011-06-12 luconeMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:falcomics/falcomics
2011-06-12 luconezoom started
2011-06-11 luconecompleted pluginZip for Windows
2011-06-05 luconesource cleaned and something added...
2011-06-04 luconefor lumo_e
2011-06-04 luconeaddedd scrollwindows and aboutDialog
2011-05-29 luconeadd recording of last page viewed, and other stuffs
2011-05-29 luconeadded a folder for testing, moved some methods