end of refactoring...
[falcomics:falcomics.git] / Sources / FCMainWindow.fal
2011-06-16 luconeend of refactoring...
2011-06-13 lucone the new architecture starts...
2011-06-13 luconeswitch to newarchitecture branch
2011-06-06 luconebugfixing and continuing pluginZip
2011-06-06 Luconestarting dev of plugin for compressed archives
2011-06-04 luconefor lumo_e
2011-06-03 Luconechanged file structure
2011-06-02 luconetests to choose the zoom widget
2011-06-02 luconeGdkPixBuf implemented
2011-05-31 LuconeCorrect an error found by kPb_in
2011-05-30 luconeadded the dialog for about (just the window)
2011-05-29 luconeadd recording of last page viewed, and other stuffs
2011-05-29 luconeplugin development continues
2011-05-29 luconeadded a folder for testing, moved some methods
2011-05-29 luconebugfixing (II)
2011-05-29 luconebugfixing
2011-05-27 Luconecontinuing with plugin development
2011-05-27 luconestart plugin management
2011-05-26 Luconecontinuing
2011-05-25 luconefixed a nasty things
2011-05-25 Luconebugfixing and little things on configuration
2011-05-24 luconeadded settings management
2011-05-24 luconetest x lumo_e
2011-05-24 Luconestart plugin architecture development
2011-05-24 Luconesome changes...
2011-05-24 Luconeadded actions and (empty) methods
2011-05-23 luconeexperimenting and testing...
2011-05-18 Luconeadded the open file dialog
2011-05-14 luconemain form continues...
2011-05-14 luconestarting main form develop