last changeMon, 19 Oct 2009 17:45:34 +0000 (13:45 -0400)
2009-10-19 Ragner MagalhaesMoving the car with acceleration master
2009-09-09 Ragner MagalhaesFixes the street class
2009-09-09 Ragner MagalhaesFixes the main class
2009-09-09 Ragner MagalhaesAdd signal to deleted models
2009-09-09 Ragner MagalhaesImproves the messages to the view
2009-09-09 Ragner MagalhaesFixes the circuit
2009-09-09 Ragner MagalhaesFixes the car
2009-09-08 Ragner MagalhaesSome fixes
2009-09-08 Ragner MagalhaesMain class reimplemented based on new MVC
2009-09-08 Ragner MagalhaesCircuit based on new MVC
2009-09-08 Ragner MagalhaesNew design based on MVC
2009-09-08 Ragner MagalhaesRenaming f1-vector-racer.svg to circuit.svg
2009-08-05 Ragner MagalhaesCommit backup
2009-06-15 Ragner MagalhaesParsing the car item
2009-06-15 Ragner MagalhaesRemoving unnecessary delete of the circuit
2009-06-15 Ragner MagalhaesFixing checks of the model and view in controller
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