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2011-01-17 David Sterryfixed upper then lowercase sort, output as pretty xml... master
2010-12-21 David Sterryremove site_url path since it's not necessary
2010-12-21 David Sterryshow urls for links
2010-12-21 David Sterryfix blank first entry (repo), increase items per page...
2010-12-21 David Sterrycreate path variables
2010-12-17 Ciaran GultnieksAdded repository metadata
2010-12-17 Ciaran GultnieksIcon for repository
2010-12-16 Ciaran GultnieksAdded regalandroid
2010-12-15 Ciaran GultnieksAbility to tag apps with antifeatures, so they can...
2010-12-15 Ciaran GultnieksDocumentation of metadata format
2010-12-14 Ciaran GultnieksVersion updates
2010-12-12 Ciaran GultnieksVersion updates
2010-12-11 Ciaran GultnieksVersion updates
2010-12-06 Ciaran GultnieksGenerate the index in alpha-sorted (by app name) order
2010-12-06 Ciaran GultnieksWordPress plugin - more wip
2010-12-05 Ciaran GultnieksWordPress plugin: more info on the app detail page
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