2013-05-16 Daniel MartíApp names can contain \' too. Small optimisations. aapt_fixes
2013-05-16 Ciaran GultnieksFix archive repo apk names and source references properly
2013-05-15 Ciaran GultnieksAdd build time to /lastbuild on wiki
2013-05-15 David Blackhad forgotten to change error message in srclib when...
2013-05-15 David BlackRescu srclib
2013-05-15 Ciaran GultnieksFix archive repo apk names and source references
2013-05-15 Daniel MartíUse non-greedy version matches
2013-05-15 Ciaran GultnieksWatch out for rogue log messages
2013-05-15 Daniel MartíProperly match app_version or version
2013-05-15 Daniel Martí"app_version" is sometimes called "version"
2013-05-14 Daniel MartíUse tags for Google-Gson
2013-05-14 Daniel MartíAdd PhotoView srclib
2013-05-14 Daniel MartíVersion names can contain any character
2013-05-14 Daniel MartíFall back to res/values to avoid @strings/app_name
2013-05-14 Daniel MartíUpdate the docs regarding RM and Static
2013-05-14 Daniel MartíAdd support for branches in the RepoManifest UCM.
2013-05-10 Ciaran GultnieksWiki update needs to include apks from archive and...
2013-05-09 Ciaran GultnieksCreate archive repo (configurable option)
2013-05-08 Ciaran GultnieksFix confused build logs on wiki, maybe
2013-05-08 David Blackadd libs/armeabi-v7a to list of dirs deleted before...
2013-05-06 David BlackMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:f-droid/fdroidserver
2013-05-06 David BlackCommon-AskSven srclib
2013-05-04 Ciaran GultnieksCorrection to 6bd57d
2013-05-03 David BlackMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:f-droid/fdroidserver
2013-05-03 David BlackJutf7 srclib
2013-05-03 Ciaran GultnieksReduce update verbosity a bit
2013-05-03 Ciaran GultnieksSend logs for failed vcs checkout, etc to wiki too
2013-05-02 David BlackMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:f-droid/fdroidserver
2013-05-02 David BlackNineOldAndroids srclib (dependency of ShowCase-Androzic)
2013-05-02 David BlackShowCaseView (Androzic fork thereof) srclib
2013-05-01 Ciaran GultnieksDon't abort on a build log publishing error
2013-04-28 David BlackPrettyTime srclib
2013-04-27 David Blackforce android-10 in K9 srclib
2013-04-25 David Blackfix MenuDrawer srclib
2013-04-24 David BlackQuickdicUtils srclib
2013-04-24 David BlackDragSort srclib 122
2013-04-23 David Blackchange fdroid to f-droid in config.sample.py
2013-04-23 David Blackfour srclibs
2013-04-23 Ciaran GultnieksMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:f-droid/fdroidserver
2013-04-23 Ciaran GultnieksPush logs for failed builds to wiki
2013-04-23 Ciaran GultnieksOptimise wiki update
2013-04-22 Daniel MartíFix ABS >= 4.3.0
2013-04-20 Daniel MartíTry and fix maven signing issues
2013-04-19 Daniel MartíLess redundancy in maven cmds
2013-04-19 Daniel Martí--test now works with maven. Fix debugging.
2013-04-19 Daniel MartíMerge gitorious.org:f-droid/fdroidserver
2013-04-16 Ciaran GultnieksParagraph about packages should be below heading
2013-04-15 Ciaran GultnieksDon't rely on undocumented global
2013-04-15 Ciaran GultnieksDebuggable allowed when using --install
2013-04-15 Ciaran GultnieksDebuggable apk = build failure
2013-04-15 Ciaran GultnieksIssue warnings for debuggable apks
2013-04-14 Ciaran GultnieksValidate version code when parsing metadata
2013-04-12 Daniel MartíMerge gitorious.org:f-droid/fdroidserver
2013-04-11 Ciaran GultnieksBe explicit about jarsigner algorithms
2013-04-10 Daniel MartíMerge gitorious.org:f-droid/fdroidserver
2013-04-10 Ciaran GultnieksProperly stop making build server base image on failure
2013-04-10 Ciaran GultnieksProperly stop making build server base image on failure
2013-04-09 Daniel MartíAdd srclib for musicbrainz
2013-04-08 Daniel Martíelif statements are useless when returns are used
2013-04-08 Daniel MartíMerge git://gitorious.org/f-droid/fdroidserver
2013-04-08 Ciaran GultnieksMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/122' of git://gitorio...
2013-04-07 David BlackXChange srclib
2013-04-05 Daniel MartíDon't reset gitsvn_cmd mid-process
2013-04-05 Daniel Martítags and trunk are variable; append to repo
2013-04-05 Ciaran GultnieksMake it easier to reference another app's signature
2013-04-05 Daniel Martígit-svn improvements
2013-04-04 Ciaran GultnieksPush index to server last
2013-04-02 Ciaran GultnieksUse ndk r8e
2013-03-31 Daniel MartíRemove incorrect newlines in AM.xml 120
2013-03-31 Daniel MartíMerge git://gitorious.org/f-droid/fdroidserver
2013-03-28 Paul SokolovskyMerge branch 'merge-requests/119'
2013-03-28 Daniel MartíFix srclib
2013-03-28 Daniel MartíUse elif for dispatching on srclib name.
2013-03-26 Daniel MartíRevert "Remove unnecessary spacings" 119
2013-03-26 Daniel MartíFix srclib
2013-03-26 Daniel MartíRemove unnecessary spacings
2013-03-26 Daniel MartíUse elif!
2013-03-26 Daniel MartíAdd srclib
2013-03-26 Daniel MartíDumb mistake fixes
2013-03-25 Ciaran GultnieksMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/118' of git://gitorio...
2013-03-24 Ciaran GultnieksFix static check mode
2013-03-23 Ciaran GultnieksAllow rm to act on multiple paths (issue #50)
2013-03-23 Ciaran GultnieksAdd Static update check mode (issue #201)
2013-03-22 Daniel MartíNew srclibs 118
2013-03-21 Ciaran GultnieksFix error in 64729ba
2013-03-21 Ciaran Gultniekscheckupdates: ignore tags where manifest doesn't exist
2013-03-21 Ciaran GultnieksAdd cmake to build server
2013-03-20 Ciaran GultnieksAdd ability to supress scanner for specific files
2013-03-20 Ciaran GultnieksMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/117' of git://gitorio...
2013-03-20 Ciaran GultnieksAdd extra build commands that can run after scan/tarball
2013-03-19 Daniel MartíFix elf check 117
2013-03-19 Daniel MartíAs per @daithib8's request, remove some extra dirs
2013-03-19 Daniel MartíDon't check for .elf. .so is just a warning now.
2013-03-18 Ciaran GultnieksMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/116' of git://gitorio...
2013-03-18 Ciaran GultnieksMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/115' of git://gitorio...
2013-03-18 Ciaran GultnieksAdd srclib now needed for org.ttrssreader
2013-03-17 Daniel MartíDon't need to use find() 116
2013-03-17 Daniel MartíBetter scan
2013-03-15 David BlackLockPattern srclib 115
2013-03-15 David Blackiptables srclib