2014-01-10 Daniel MartíMove gradle script to separate file, install it properly gradle-versioning
2014-01-10 Daniel MartíCheck sha256 sums via hashlib
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíAdd our gradle wrapper script
2014-01-09 Ciaran GultnieksVagrant version notes in manual
2014-01-09 Ciaran GultnieksBetter makebuildserver verbose output
2014-01-09 Ciaran GultnieksA scientific solution to issues with vagrant 1.3.5
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíRevert "Add gradle-1.10" since it's not compatible yet
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíMove gradle to its own cookbook
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíAdd gradle-1.10
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíInstall gradle version 1.4, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8 and 1.9 to...
2014-01-09 Ciaran GultnieksTransfer apk info when archiving
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíFix email, url and docs in setup.py
2014-01-09 Ciaran GultnieksUpdate base box in sample config too
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíRaise summary char limit default to 50, fix config...
2014-01-09 Ciaran GultnieksChange recommended base box from Ubuntu to Debian
2014-01-09 Ciaran GultnieksOnly conditionally try to remove completed box
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíAvoid crashes on package: group() calls
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíFix: Re-add <icon> element to index
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíBump index version to 11, add index version changelog
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíAvoid possible crashes
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíSupport application and launchable-activity icons as...
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíCreate icons dicts like the rest
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíDon't print twice as many lines when resizing icons
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíKeep the same ZipFile instance to retrieve all the...
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíUse application: and launchable-activity: icons as...
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíAdd 640 dpi icons dir
2014-01-09 Ciaran GultnieksUse app categories as wiki categories
2014-01-09 Ciaran GultnieksA little bit of extra checkupdates diagnostics
2014-01-09 Ciaran GultnieksDon't busy-wait on buildserver output
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíUpdate the fdroid-icon.png, still static at 48px
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíNew lint feature: Summary forms
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíUncomment verbose messages, fix -I
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíRemove icon_max_size from the sample config
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíFinish TODO; Fill missing icon densities the best we can
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíRewrite: Do icons per density, /icons being mdpi by...
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíAdd icon helper functions for later use
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíDon't change gradle_plugin in build.gradle files, also...
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíImprove checkupdates regex, support quotes better for...
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíAdd "Added on" to apks on wordpress (#157)
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíRun ant clean in update= dirs instead of removing dirs
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíDon't forcefully remove libs/<arch>, we now see binaries
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíStart publishing indexes with index version "10"
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíAdd fdroid lint completion
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíNew 'lint' subcommand in testing phase
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíInteger fields cannot have leading zeros
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíProperly escape fd-commit commit messages
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíAdd Dogecoin support, some None fixes
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíNew field: Provides
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíFix gradle patching when using @..
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíSmall bash tweaks to fd-commit
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíRemove a few unnecessary vars
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíFix makebuildserver after rename, tidy gitignores
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíAdd copyright notices to bash scripts
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíMove example configs to a separate dir, add envs
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíStrip unnecessary exts from updateplugin and makebuilds...
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíRemove trailing spaces and tabs
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíSeparate dependencies, some aren't needed if you are...
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíThere is no longer any Vagrantfile
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíUpdate the docs with the new package argument syntax...
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíChange texi encoding to utf-8 from us-ascii
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíUpdate gendocs from 2011-04 to 2013-02
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíMake sure to match filename extensions without being...
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíWarn about prebuilt jar files when scanning
2014-01-09 Ciaran GultnieksSome minor stats improvements
2014-01-09 Ciaran GultnieksFix latestapps stats, broken in 59cde15ad1
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíAvoid strange outcomes of "adb devices"
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíOnly add AF xml element if there actually are AFs
2013-12-30 Daniel MartíFix ndk install typo
2013-12-22 Daniel MartíUse OptionError exceptions
2013-12-22 Daniel MartíDon't do everything unless --all is given
2013-12-22 Daniel MartíUpdate to build-tools 19.0.1
2013-12-22 Daniel MartíUpdate to gradle 1.9
2013-12-22 Daniel MartíMatch anything as package name
2013-12-22 Daniel MartíPackage names can contain numbers too
2013-12-20 Daniel MartíForgot a space
2013-12-20 Daniel MartíForgot one --package line on build.py
2013-12-20 Daniel MartíGet rid of more unnecessary finds
2013-12-20 Daniel MartíReplace finds with pythonic terms
2013-12-19 Daniel MartíAdd some remaining help strings
2013-12-19 Daniel MartíRemove some unnecessary stuff
2013-12-19 Daniel MartíAdapt verify
2013-12-19 Daniel MartíAdapt scanner, fix some other issues
2013-12-19 Daniel MartíAdapt rewritemeta
2013-12-19 Daniel MartíAdapt publish to new format, improve completion
2013-12-19 Daniel MartíAdd common.py function headers, styling
2013-12-19 Daniel MartíSmall fixes to install.py
2013-12-19 Daniel MartíDon't except if already installed on fdroid install
2013-12-19 Daniel MartíBetter parsing of args, install now works as it should
2013-12-19 Daniel MartíAdapt checkupdates
2013-12-19 Daniel MartíOnly install latest apk of each app, other fixes
2013-12-19 Daniel MartíAdd 'fdroid install', more rewriting
2013-12-19 Daniel MartíStart rewrite: Remove --package and --install from...
2013-12-16 Ciaran GultnieksFix incomplete ndk upgrade in d7f558ad
2013-12-11 Daniel MartíProperly empty all fd-commit vars
2013-12-11 Ciaran GultnieksAdd timestamp to index
2013-12-11 Ciaran Gultnieksfd-commit: don't use wrong name when there is no autoname
2013-12-11 Ciaran GultnieksImprove checkupdates error message
2013-12-11 Ciaran GultnieksDocumentation clarification re description links
2013-12-10 Daniel MartíFix litecoin metadata check
2013-12-07 Daniel MartíMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/132' of gitorious...