Merge branch 'LOffice' into 'master'
[f-droid:fdroidserver.git] / completion /
2015-01-11 Ciaran GultnieksAdd option to not use rsync --checksum
2015-01-11 Daniel MartíComplete missing server options
2015-01-11 Daniel Martíscanner --nosvn was removed
2015-01-11 Daniel MartíComplete update --nosign
2015-01-11 Daniel Martícomplete -h/--help for all commands implicitly
2015-01-11 Daniel MartíAdd signindex to bash-completion
2014-06-12 Daniel MartíUpdate fdroid init completion
2014-06-09 Ciaran GultnieksMerge branch 'rsync-improvements-for-fdroid-server...
2014-06-05 Hans-Christoph Steinerserver: specify an identity file for SSH when rsyncing
2014-06-05 Ciaran GultnieksMerge branch 'test-updates-and-related-bug-fixes' into...
2014-06-05 Hans-Christoph Steineruse 'metadata' name throughout: --createmeta to --creat...
2014-05-29 Daniel MartíMerge branch 'recent-bug-fixes' into 'master'
2014-05-29 Hans-Christoph SteinerFixes #8: if unknown APKs found, prompt to use -c or...
2014-05-06 Daniel MartíAdd missing -q/--quiet completions
2014-04-29 Daniel MartíUpdate 'fdroid build' args on bash-completion
2014-04-29 Ciaran GultnieksAdd extra options to import completion
2014-04-18 Daniel MartíProperly complete partially written vercodes
2014-03-18 Daniel MartíSeparate lint messages into warnings and pedantic warnings
2014-02-19 Daniel MartíFix bash-completion header
2014-02-16 Daniel MartíAdd another build option to skip source scanning
2014-02-14 Daniel Martíreadmeta doesn't take any arguments
2014-02-05 Daniel MartíAdd readmeta completion
2014-01-23 Ciaran GultnieksMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/134' of git://gitorio...
2014-01-15 Daniel MartíMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/93' of gitorious...
2014-01-10 Daniel MartíFix fdroid import completion
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíAdd fdroid lint completion
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíRemove a few unnecessary vars
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíAdd copyright notices to bash scripts
2014-01-02 Daniel MartíAdd fdroid lint completion
2013-12-31 Daniel MartíRemove a few unnecessary vars
2013-12-30 Daniel MartíAdd copyright notices to bash scripts
2013-12-19 Daniel MartíAdapt verify
2013-12-19 Daniel MartíAdapt scanner, fix some other issues
2013-12-19 Daniel MartíAdapt rewritemeta
2013-12-19 Daniel MartíAdapt publish to new format, improve completion
2013-12-19 Daniel MartíBetter parsing of args, install now works as it should
2013-12-19 Daniel MartíAdapt checkupdates
2013-12-19 Daniel MartíAdd 'fdroid install', more rewriting
2013-12-19 Daniel MartíStart rewrite: Remove --package and --install from...
2013-11-18 Daniel MartíFix subdir tweaks in the bash completion
2013-11-18 Daniel Martícomplete packages from within the metadata dir too
2013-11-05 Hans-Christoph Steineradd new 'fdroid init' options to bash completion
2013-11-04 Daniel MartíBasic completion for init, add --verbose to it
2013-11-03 Daniel MartíMerge branch 'master' into verbose-rewrite
2013-11-03 Daniel MartíAdd fd-commit package completion
2013-11-03 Daniel Martífd-commit can now take app ids as filter; retab
2013-10-28 Daniel MartíSupport new Build: syntax in completion; retab
2013-10-25 Daniel Martíbash != /bin/bash
2013-09-09 Ciaran GultnieksMerge branch 'master' of
2013-09-06 Daniel MartíDo not search and replace metadata/ and .txt
2013-09-06 Daniel MartíNew aliased completion: fdroid checkupdates -p
2013-08-29 Daniel MartíBasic bash completion for fdroid verify
2013-08-19 Daniel MartíAdd -I/--icons to update
2013-08-14 Daniel MartíRename market to gplay
2013-08-14 Daniel MartíAdd --market to checkupdates
2013-07-14 Daniel MartíAdd bash completion