2013-09-06 Daniel MartíNew aliased completion: fdroid checkupdates -p
2013-09-06 Daniel MartíDon't print all metadata reads; Only print when an...
2013-09-06 Daniel MartíAdd UCM:Tags support to hg
2013-09-04 Daniel MartíOnly change Auto Name if new release
2013-09-04 Daniel MartíFinish -v/--verbose output+error handling
2013-09-04 Ciaran GultnieksFix output changes fixes
2013-09-02 Daniel MartíFix ant builds with recent output changes
2013-09-02 Daniel Martímaven=yes defaults to bindir=[subdir]/target
2013-09-01 Daniel MartíRevert "Always print output directly if -v/--verbose"
2013-09-01 Daniel MartíFixes to gradle builds
2013-09-01 Daniel MartíAlways print output directly if -v/--verbose
2013-08-30 Ciaran GultnieksImprove verification output with stats, etc
2013-08-29 Ciaran GultnieksCorrect old error message
2013-08-29 Ciaran GultnieksGet non-interactive bash env right
2013-08-29 Daniel MartíBe more descriptive in the sample config
2013-08-29 Ciaran GultnieksDefine ANDROID_HOME on buildserver
2013-08-29 Ciaran GultnieksCorrection to previous commit
2013-08-29 Ciaran GultnieksFix gradle path/home setup on buildserver
2013-08-29 Daniel MartíBetter CV update prints and commit messages
2013-08-29 Daniel MartíBasic bash completion for fdroid verify
2013-08-29 Ciaran GultnieksOne more verification fix
2013-08-29 Ciaran GultnieksA few more verification fixes
2013-08-29 Ciaran GultnieksFix verify unpacking
2013-08-29 Ciaran GultnieksAdd verifier to available commands
2013-08-29 Ciaran GultnieksVery simple verifier
2013-08-28 Paul SokolovskyPrint progress messages as a build goes thru various...
2013-08-28 Daniel MartíFix sha256 sums not appearing in the index
2013-08-27 Ciaran GultnieksOnly do an update if the vercode changes
2013-08-26 Daniel MartíAdd subdir support to gradle
2013-08-26 Daniel MartíRemove md5 sums from the index (fixes: #336)
2013-08-22 Daniel MartíAdd missing gradle doc entries
2013-08-22 Daniel MartíAdapt all build.gradle files to be found. Add preassemble=
2013-08-22 Daniel MartíDrop support for old description elements (deprecated...
2013-08-22 Daniel MartíRemove a bunch of unused imports
2013-08-22 Ciaran GultnieksAdd extra-android-m2repository to buildserver
2013-08-21 Ciaran GultnieksIcon resizing diagnostics/robustness
2013-08-21 Ciaran GultnieksSend permissions to build server (issue #326)
2013-08-21 Daniel MartíRemove bin/ and gen/ in update= dirs too!
2013-08-19 Daniel MartíMaximum icon size is now defined in config.py
2013-08-19 Daniel MartíAdd -I/--icons to update
2013-08-19 Daniel MartíStart publishing new repo icons at max 72x72 px
2013-08-17 Daniel MartíAdd support for gradle={main,yes,}
2013-08-17 Daniel MartíFix gradle resulting apk path
2013-08-15 Daniel MartíWhen parsing manifests, default version name to "Unknown"
2013-08-15 Daniel MartíYet another silly mistake
2013-08-15 Daniel MartíSilly mistake in import.py
2013-08-15 Daniel MartíFix import
2013-08-15 Daniel MartíDo not say "manifest exists" if that's not the case
2013-08-15 Daniel MartíForgot to update config.buildserver.py
2013-08-15 Daniel MartíFetch CV @string values at checkupdates
2013-08-14 Daniel MartíReturn none if no AM.xml paths exist
2013-08-14 Daniel MartíRename market to gplay
2013-08-14 Daniel MartíDo not duplicate verbose output when parsing metadata
2013-08-14 Daniel MartíAdd --market to checkupdates
2013-08-14 Daniel MartíRemove UCM:Market
2013-08-14 Daniel MartíMerge branch 'gradle' (finally!)
2013-08-14 Daniel MartíMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:f-droid/fdroidserver
2013-08-14 Ciaran GultnieksMake RepoManifest work with gradle (at least for simple...
2013-08-13 Daniel MartíSmall fix gradle
2013-08-13 Daniel MartíForgot to remove debugging prints
2013-08-13 Daniel MartíImprove checkupdates further, Auto Name works with...
2013-08-13 Daniel MartíUse last found package name if none found
2013-08-13 Daniel MartíImplement --install for gradle, add compilesdk=
2013-08-13 Daniel MartíSmall fixes to checkupdates
2013-08-13 Daniel MartíTry and adapt checkupdates to gradle better
2013-08-09 Ciaran GultnieksInstall gradle 1.7 to buildserver (untested, may need...
2013-08-09 Daniel MartíDon't run gradle during checkudpates. Use whatever...
2013-08-08 Daniel MartíMarket is broken, don't default to it
2013-08-08 Daniel MartíMerge changes from the master branch
2013-08-08 Daniel MartíDeprecate aapt_path in favour of sdk_path + build_tools
2013-08-08 Daniel MartíFix gradle checkupdates with tags and RM. new settings.
2013-08-08 Ciaran GultnieksAdd build tools 18.0.1
2013-08-08 Ciaran GultnieksAdd sdk android-18
2013-08-08 Ciaran GultnieksNeed to create build-tools directory when using non...
2013-08-05 Daniel MartíProper apk path for gradle
2013-08-03 Daniel MartíUse src/ rather than source/
2013-08-03 Daniel MartíMerge master into gradle
2013-08-03 Daniel MartíBe more verbose when doing checkupdates
2013-08-03 Daniel MartíPrint which srclib are we updating
2013-08-03 Daniel MartíUse new manifest path function in checkupdates
2013-08-03 Daniel Martíjoin needs a list
2013-08-03 Daniel MartíTry and feed the right gradle apk
2013-08-03 Daniel MartíFix gradle command
2013-08-03 Daniel MartíTry to fix subprocess crash
2013-08-03 Daniel MartíNew gradle=[flavour] field
2013-08-03 Daniel MartíTry and use new gradle AM.xml path
2013-07-31 Daniel MartíRemove deprecated parameter
2013-07-31 Frans GiffordUse config.py to locate aapt
2013-07-31 Ciaran GultnieksCats paw on keyboard to accept license
2013-07-31 Ciaran GultnieksWait a sec before snapshot
2013-07-31 Ciaran GultnieksRemove separate jdk installation from buildserver
2013-07-22 Ciaran GultnieksFix nativecode in index properly (probably)
2013-07-22 Ciaran GultnieksRevert "Try to fix nativecode issues on index"
2013-07-21 Daniel MartíFix UCM:Market version name matching
2013-07-20 Daniel MartíBuild success specifies app and version now
2013-07-19 Daniel MartíTry to fix nativecode issues on index
2013-07-19 Ciaran GultnieksCheck error state suspending clean build server
2013-07-18 Ciaran GultnieksTransfer .fdroidvcs info to build server
2013-07-18 Ciaran GultnieksChange suggested virtualbox package name
2013-07-18 Ciaran GultnieksUpdate manual re makebuildserver config, to match mvdan...