Merge branch 'master' of
[f-droid:fdroidserver.git] / fdroidserver /
2013-11-24 Ciaran GultnieksMerge branch 'master' of
2013-11-24 Ciaran GultnieksRemove signing keys later in build
2013-11-23 Daniel MartíPrepare srclibs after patches
2013-11-23 Ciaran GultnieksPermission check correct file
2013-11-20 Daniel MartíSmall fix to keysigning cleaning output
2013-11-20 Daniel MartíFixes to srclibs with paths
2013-11-20 Daniel MartíMerge branch 'metadata-checks'
2013-11-19 Daniel MartíFirst metadata checks rewrite; New module
2013-11-18 Daniel MartíTry to fix srclibs for the BS
2013-11-18 Daniel MartíSmall fix to ant srclib numbers
2013-11-17 Daniel MartíAdd srclib proj.prop lines if not already there
2013-11-17 Daniel MartíAlso avoid readLines from build.gradle
2013-11-17 Daniel MartíAdd crashlytics to usual suspects
2013-11-16 Daniel Martígradle and maven keys should be among the first
2013-11-16 Daniel MartíFix keysigning patching (again)
2013-11-16 Daniel MartíFix srclib subdir paths
2013-11-15 Daniel MartíFix keysigning patches
2013-11-15 Daniel MartíNew feature: Srclibs much easier to use for ant, recurs...
2013-11-15 Daniel MartíOnly notify of those gradle/ant files that were strippe...
2013-11-15 Ciaran GultnieksMerge branch 'master' of
2013-11-15 Ciaran GultnieksCorrectly detect subproject update failure
2013-11-15 Ciaran GultnieksImprove error reporting for rm problems
2013-11-14 Daniel MartíRemove keysigning configs more consistently:
2013-11-12 Ciaran GultnieksImprove error output for missing extlibs
2013-11-12 Ciaran GultnieksOnly say 'reading config file' in verbose mode
2013-11-10 Daniel MartíFix crashes when writing boolean metadata fields
2013-11-10 Daniel MartíRevert "Revert "Don't allow values other than 'yes...
2013-11-09 Ciaran GultnieksRevert "Don't allow values other than 'yes' or 'no...
2013-11-08 Daniel MartíDon't allow values other than 'yes' or 'no' on boolean...
2013-11-08 Daniel MartíDon't pass config variables as arguments - much simpler...
2013-11-07 Ciaran GultnieksMerge branch 'master' of
2013-11-05 Daniel MartíMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/129' of gitorious...
2013-11-05 Hans-Christoph Steinerinit set perms to 0600, otherwise warn user... 129
2013-11-05 Daniel MartíReplace some 'if len(s) == 0' by 'if not s', remove...
2013-11-05 Ciaran GultnieksWrite maintainer notes to wiki
2013-11-05 Ciaran GultnieksHandle 'Maintainer Notes' field in metadata
2013-11-05 Daniel MartíFix init with common, don't require cwd in FDroidPopen
2013-11-04 Daniel MartíMake FDroidPopen a lot simpler, pythonize a few things
2013-11-04 Daniel MartíDon't check for dirs and files in the main script
2013-11-04 Daniel MartíDon't use proj.prop if not present (fixes tiltmazes)
2013-11-04 Daniel MartíImplement forceversion and forcevercode for gradle...
2013-11-04 Daniel MartíFix sed typo that broke forceversion and forcevercode
2013-11-04 Daniel MartíRevert "Fix git-svn find-rev, also search for svn revis...
2013-11-04 Daniel MartíFixes to makebuildserver and verify verbose-rewrite
2013-11-03 Daniel MartíMerge branch 'master' into verbose-rewrite
2013-11-03 Daniel Martívariable typo
2013-11-03 Daniel MartíDefault to update=auto, find subprojects automatically
2013-11-03 Daniel MartíMerge branch 'master' into verbose-rewrite
2013-11-03 Daniel MartíFix all the possibe files, add sdk...
2013-11-02 Daniel MartíAM.xml is not the only file that designates an android...
2013-11-02 Daniel MartíMerge branch 'master' into verbose-rewrite
2013-11-02 Daniel MartíRead output queues a bit more often
2013-11-02 Daniel MartíMerge branch 'master' into verbose-rewrite
2013-11-02 Daniel MartíTranslate 'Category:categ1;categ2;...' into 'Categories...
2013-11-02 Daniel MartíStart doing multiple categories as comma separated...
2013-11-01 Daniel MartíVarious fixes: hg vcs updating, gradle vercode regex...
2013-11-01 Daniel MartíMerge branch 'verbose-rewrite' of
2013-11-01 Daniel MartíMerge branch 'master' into verbose-rewrite
2013-11-01 Daniel MartíStart rewriting options and config as globals
2013-11-01 Daniel MartíDon't remove output dirs twice. --subprojects is useless.
2013-11-01 Daniel MartíBetter gradle signature config filter
2013-11-01 Daniel MartíMinor fixes to git-svn
2013-11-01 Daniel MartíNew field: scandelete, like scanignore but deleting
2013-11-01 Daniel MartíNew metadata field: Vercode Operation
2013-11-01 Daniel MartíAlso reset --hard and clean -dffx the git submodules
2013-11-01 Daniel MartíCheckout with --force on git
2013-10-31 Daniel MartíStart using config and options as globals
2013-10-31 Daniel MartíDon't remove output dirs twice. --subprojects is useless.
2013-10-31 Daniel MartíBetter gradle signature config filter
2013-10-31 Ciaran GultnieksMerge branch 'master' of
2013-10-31 Ciaran GultnieksTidied up some unused junk
2013-10-31 Ciaran GultnieksHandle repo config in a more sensible way
2013-10-31 Daniel MartíMinor fixes to git-svn
2013-10-31 Daniel MartíSupport user:pass authentication on git-svn
2013-10-30 Daniel MartíAdd support for UCM:Tags in bzr
2013-10-30 Daniel MartíAvoid newlines in git-svn RepoTrunk
2013-10-30 Daniel MartíDon't error when finding apk files, just delete them
2013-10-30 Daniel MartíAway with all the funambol ugly tweaks
2013-10-30 Daniel MartíAutomatically remove all android:debuggable flags
2013-10-30 Daniel MartíFix git-svn find-rev, also search for svn revisions...
2013-10-29 Daniel MartíPrint FDroidPopen params *before* executing
2013-10-29 Ciaran GultnieksMerge branch 'master' of
2013-10-29 Daniel MartíDon't include '!' in disabled= when converting to new...
2013-10-29 Daniel MartíSome fixes to the scanner algorithm
2013-10-28 Daniel MartíFind all build.gradle files in the entire source tree
2013-10-28 Ciaran GultnieksDon't require commit to be specified for a disabled...
2013-10-27 Daniel MartíClean gradle signing configs all at once
2013-10-27 Daniel MartíRevert "Allow for spaces before/after version and vercode"
2013-10-27 Daniel MartíAllow for spaces before/after version and vercode
2013-10-27 Daniel MartíSupport Build: indenting by tabs
2013-10-27 Ciaran GultnieksFix rm safety check
2013-10-27 Ciaran GultnieksAllow rm to recursively remove directories
2013-10-27 Ciaran GultnieksDon't need legacy disabled build handling everywhere now
2013-10-27 Ciaran GultnieksDisabled should be first
2013-10-27 Ciaran GultnieksTranslate disabled commit to proper disabled
2013-10-27 Ciaran GultnieksRead new or old recipe formats, write new format
2013-10-26 Ciaran GultnieksInclude bugsense in scanner
2013-10-25 Ciaran GultnieksBe more selective about removing bin directories
2013-10-25 Daniel MartíRegression - we won't do subvercodes
2013-10-24 Ciaran GultnieksQuick hack to fix FDroidPOpen